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The Manhattan Project Protoype v1.0 Building Cards

The Manhattan Project Protoype v1.0 Building Cards

There are 5 types of building cards which players can build, own, and operate. Activation requirements are shown at the top of each card. Outputs are shown at the bottom of each card.

From top row to bottom row:

Mines: Move uranium any supply into your Natural Supply*.
(Generally, this is for moving uranium from the Reserve Supply*)

Factories: Confer benefits such as fighters, bombers, trucks and cash.

Universities: Recruit scientists and engineers to your workforce.

Reactors: Produce plutonium and cash from uranium.

Enrichment Plants: Produce uranium-235 and depleted uranium - requires cash to operate.

* There are 5 uranium supplies in the Uranium Pipeline, which can be seen on right half of the game board in the game journal.

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