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My First Beta Test of Titanic CQD and She Didn't Sink!

Launching the Lifeboats
Moving Aboard Titanic
Player Boarding Passes
Titanic Taking On Water

Last night, I conducted my first beta test of my first board game - Titanic CQD - and I couldn't be happier with the results. It yielded a lot of great ideas to pursue, but overall the testing group was extremely positive about their experience.

In Titanic CQD, I tried to incorporate as many historical facts about the event as possible. One example is boarding the lifeboats. During the actual event, First Class females had a 97% chance of surviving. Therefore, in the game, First Class female Player Characters must roll a 97 or lower to board a lifeboat (using two 10-sided die). But compare that to Second Class male Characters who have to roll an 8 or less based on their survival rates from the actual event.

Another aspect of the game is earning Survival Points through a Character's sociability, courage and resourcefulness. Survival Points can be spent to sweeten the chances of winning a game roll, but the Player who makes it off Titanic with the most Survival Points wins the game. Also, while it's easier for First Class to board a lifeboat, it's harder for them to earn Survival Points while, conversely, it's easier for Third Class to earn Survival Points but harder to board a lifeboat. But with more Survival Points to spend and sweeten their rolls, Third Class Player Characters have a fighting chance to make it to a lifeboat.

I need to work on my movement mechanics in the second phase, Survival Point distribution throughout and try to trim down the length of the game, but overall I had a great night with friends helping me with my first beta test.



Thats awesome to incorporate historical facts and strategic suspense for the games' npc and players. What is the total game time?

Once again congratulations on your first beta.


Sounds like a great game

The game sounds very interesting. Historical accuracy can really enhance the player's understanding of the events you are representing. I designed a game about prisoners of war once, and I found that what is historical is not always fun. I had to reduce some accuracy in order to make the experience enjoyable enough to play. Just an observation. Best of luck on your project!

Hmm... doesn't sound logical to me

Well for one thing, the Titanic HAS TO SINK ... when playing the game. Therefore the goal would be that player survive the sinking by evacuating the ship by using the lifeboats BEFORE it sinks!

If you meant that your playtest went well... Well that's a completely other matter.

Please clarify which is it? Cheers.


Congratulations on finishing your first beta test! That is truly amazing! Though, my team and I are very upset with the admin's response. Making a game from historical events is awesome but the facts don't have to be 100% accurate. The Titanic does not have to sink. It is your game. Do what you feel!

Once again, congratulations!


Using Language

Sounds to me like the playtest went well, and it was the playest that didn't sink. Maybe I'm just more comfortable with turns of phrase and bad puns...

Meanwhile...It does make me think about your mechanics, and in particular the scoring mechanism. Making it off the boat seems to be a major goal, but how do Survival Points factor in thematically? How can I escape a sinking ship better than someone else? Isn't surviving itself a victory enough? Do you need more Survival Points to summon a better rescue boat? To last more days adrift at sea? To find a deserted island quicker? To avoid sharks?

How do you connect the escape from the sinking ship to Survival Points? I'm curious.

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