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Youtube posting (more of a blog, I guess)

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Joined: 10/28/2013

Some might have noticed me, not posting at all, lately.

Things happened in life. At work. And for my board gaming as well.

It goes well. It goes well. The third part is kinda gone.

There has been one thing going for me. And it was playing video games. Especially the PC kind. But also mobile games. Games that I can play and simply shut off again when time runs out.

One game in particular. On my cellphone.
I met some nice people in an alliance (very important, patient people).
And also get to partake of their Discord group.

And a couple of those people actually had their personal video channel in Discord.

One thing lead to another. I simply asked the video posters of what program would be best to use. I picked one, and started posting.

For sharing video's. I had to upload them on a website. Best thing that comes to mind is my Youtube channel.

Meanwhile, I uploaded over 20 video's already.
You don't see me, you only hear me talking (except the very first).
You see me commenting as well in subtitles.
And you see me commenting on my subtitles with subtitles.
Long story short. I really enjoy making these video's. I try to put in some humour. While it often is very hard to do so.

I am planning to expand the number of games. The only way of doing this is to get a proper PC and recording tools. I am willing to spend some good money on it too!
My cousin is gonna help me with this.

That would be it for now.

Cheers, X3M

PS. I only share the link to my channel if you are a RTS player.
PS2. I only post more if people are actually interested, or have questions or even remarks ;)

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Joined: 10/28/2013

4.5 months later.
I reached 100 subscribers.

And I have the feeling, these are real.

I am colaborating with another Youtuber, hosting a tournament.
I also got invited into the Youtube program of the main game that I share on my channel.

Actually gaining rewards this way.
It makes me happy!

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