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Help us reach our goal!

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Joined: 05/23/2019

Our project Monkeys vs Lemurs ( is very close to getting funded on Kickstarter. We've successfully lived through the mid-project crisis and even managed to get a few game shop retailers to pledge to our project which has really helped us keep the momentum going!
Now there's just a bit more to go! Let's get this thing funded together!
What can you do to help us out?
1. Share the game on your Facebook, Twitter page.
2. Tell your friends about it.
3. Order more copies of the game for your friends and family.
All help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for all the support it has been heartwarming... Not much left to go, let's do this!

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Joined: 01/23/2018
Good luck. Hopefully you're

Good luck. Hopefully you're trying to drum up support somewhere other than here, though :)

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Joined: 04/23/2017
Backed! Good luck, hope you

Backed! Good luck, hope you finish strong!


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