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Unnamed abstract strategy game

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I took a nap and dreamed I was playing a game. When I woke up, I remembered all of the rules. So I wrote them down:

a chess/checker board
six "Pip" d6 (player one)
six "Number" d6 (player two)

accumulate points by capturing your opponent's dice

Player one puts a die in one corner of the board, showing 1.
Player two puts a die in the opposite board corner, showing 1.
Players alternate placing dice until all the dice are placed.
Dice must be placed orthogonally adjacent to another die owned by the same player.
At the end of the setup, each player must have one die on each face.

One move per turn.
A player may:
-move a die any number of spaces in a straight orthogonal line, dice may not move through or share space with another die
-capture an opponent's die by moving a die of an equal or greater value into that die's space, after capturing an opponent, the die is rotated to the next highest value, a "six" is rotated to a "one"
-rotate a die to the next higher value, six may not rotate higher
-rotate a die to the next lower value, one may not rotate lower

When a die is captured, score points equal to the showing value.

The game ends when one player has lost all of their dice or when each player only has one die left.

Tally the score!

There is every possibility that I'm remembering another game, so if this rings a bell with someone, speak up!

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Talking about DREAMS...

I know this is NOT directly related to the OP... But I just wanted to mention it because it seems a bit "apropos".

So what is the relevance, you wonder?

I had a DREAM that Tradewars (not TradeWorlds) was publishing a LINE of Space Fantasy (Science Fiction) and the books reminded me of the OLD "Fighting Fantasy" books.

From experience I know NOT to "rely" on my dreams for NOVEL ideas. Why? Because I think that sometimes we may be "interacting" with other people during REM or the dream cycle.

Why do I say this? It's because it has happened in the PAST that I saw something REAL COOL and NEAT in a dream ... Only to find out that it EXISTS ALREADY. And then the dream seems like a complete waste of time.

So just be careful about this game... Not saying it is a COPY... But I have found that DREAMS are UNRELIABLE sources of inspiration.

Best of luck(?!) with this new design. Cheers!

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Dreams are awesome for game

Dreams are awesome for game ideas. But you should not take them as is. You need interpret them in order to extract ideas from it.

Dreams are manifestation of the subconscious which tries to solve problems you have when you are awake. Dreams are a way to tell you how to solve those problems.

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Vaguely similar to Glux

Your game seems vaguely similar to Glux.

Good luck with your game.

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