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Looking for an Illustrator

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I am a published board game designer looking for an illustrator / graphic designer based in London / SE England to provide the illustrations and if possible, graphic design, for a new rpg / boardgame hybrid called Finea, that is currently in development.

The main theme of the game is sketching - the players explore a world that they sketch themselves on a blank piece of A4 paper. They also get to sketch and develop their own characters on sketchable A4 character sheets.

The majority of the work will be to develop and design two packs of cards, along with the character sheets, game board, box, rule book and associated components. We will need input on the style and overall appearance of the game and how it ties into the theme of sketching. In particular you will need to consider how much of the final illustrations leave things to imagination of the players and give them the scope to build their own world through their own sketches.

The game is being designed and developed by myself, Andrew Beardsley, and co-designer Adam Bishop and is in the late stages of play-testing. It is our intention to launch the game on kickstarter, with no fixed deadline as yet, as we understand the amount of work required and time it takes to produce a finished product.

Ideally we would like someone with experience in illustrating for tabletop games and someone who is not too far from SW London so we can work together in person.

Please send me a private message with examples of or links to your work if you are interested.



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It may be a stroke of LUCK ... But

I doubt you'll find someone ONLINE for this. Why? Because most illustrators are busy and not accepting commissions these days. HOWEVER... I do have a resource for you which can maybe pan out:

Go to a LOCAL Comic Con in the London area or nearby to your home.

Most of these Comic Cons have any "Artist Alley" and you can find all kinds of artists from Comic Book Artists/Illustrators to Manga Artists/Illustrators to artist looking to do commissions.

Once you CONNECT with ONE (1) Artist, you'll see that they might be able to HELP you and refer your to other artists. That's how I've gotten most of my artists: by referral.

And my first Comic Book Illustrator I met when attending a Comic Con about 15 years ago. Since then, I have worked with him and another amazing artist for TradeWorlds and latest artist for Crystal Heroes...

The thing is depending on the artist, they may know of an Art School and Teachers who may have gifted students and you can find a novice artist which can be beneficial for BOTH parties: you and them.

So that's my advice to you. Usually at the Comic Cons the artists have a portfolio of illustrations and you can luck-out with someone with local presence and a lot of talent.

Hoping this help you find your next illustrator/artist.

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It's in 4 days... That's my BEST advice to you. They have an Artist Alley and you can see when you are on-site who will be there and might be interested in working with you...

The website doesn't have a LISTING of all of the Artists... But it DOES say that there IS an "Artist Alley". The only thing is you need an Illustrator or a Graphic Designer or BOTH (sometimes an Illustrator can help with Graphic Designing or like I said may know of someone or someplace where you can find others to help in completing your design).

Anyhow... I think this is a good place to START. This looks to be like a HUGE con... Not small which leads me to believe that there will be more than one artist you can discuss matters with and see where that may lead you...

The important part is to NETWORK with the Artist Crowd and see where that can LEAD you. I'm not saying you WILL FIND someone that matches EXACTLY what you are looking for... But it could open up some "doors" to a different group of people who are INTERESTED in making art/illustrations.

For example, my first game "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)" (Quest) I wanted an artist who could use SHADOWS and INKING as a way to play with the contrast in the illustration and cards. So I knew that for that project and Comic Book artist would be the BEST FIT. But I've since worked with two (2) different artists that were more about "rendering" and more "real-looking" art.

Depending on how flexible you are ... If you find someone whose art you LIKE see if you can picture your final product in their image (so-to-speak)!

It's also an EVENT... Take some time to enjoy the event too... I don't know how FAR this is from your location... I'm just explaining that you might get the opportunity to meet and discuss your illustrative needs with a few people whose art you REALLY LIKE!

Go there with an open mind... And see if there is someone who you feel can make the illustrations and art needed for your project.

This of course is only one (1) avenue. It worked for me... It may not work for you... TBD. I looked and it seems like Saturday is ALREADY SOLD-OUT. Maybe only Sunday entry at 11:00 AM (Standard entry or early entry 9:00 AM)...

I don't know how FAR this event is... So you can ignore it if it is too far from your HOME. But something like an EVENT like this is what you want to go to and speak to the artists in the Artist Alley!


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Here's a BLOG with more information

Instead of focusing only on ONE (1) Comic Con which may be too far away, here are some other option to explore with different times of the year for attendance.

Hope this is helpful... Like I say, start NETWORKING with the artists near to your home (or relative close) and see where that leads you.

It's a process to find the right crowd and then see how your luck(!?) is in getting to the right person who will produce the right kind of ART for your game.


Note #1: And if you say to yourself: "I don't want comic-book art for my game..." Well my advice to you is meet some ARTISTS and TALK WITH THEM (Local to your area). You'd be surprise how some people are nice and willing to help you find the right people for your project.

And TBH at 120 pounds per artist Table in the "Artist Alley", you probably expect some very TALENTED and detail oriented artists.

Like I said this seems like NOT the ONLY Comic Con near London... So feel free to pass on something too far away and take a look at cons closer to your location...

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