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2024 New Year Sale at The Game Crafter

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The Game Crafter
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Our 2024 New Year Sale is happening NOW and runs until Jan 10! There are discounts on over 350 games and products on our site at This is our 2nd year running this sale and last year it was a huge success with thousands of games sold!

Game Designers can still add their published games to the sale by going to: Games > My Game > Promote > Site Wide Sale.

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Wow ... That actually looks COOL!!!

A bunch of popular and exciting games to be purchased. Some at very good prices too... No doubt that many people will be interested in this curated list of games and very popular titles sold primarily on "The Game Crafter". It makes me aspire and to hope that "Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — The Reboot" could eventually make the list...

It's a simple game for kids to play. I know it says 12+ Years of age... But I think the actual target gamers are 7+ Years of age. It's really simple and I've overhauled the mechanics to rid myself of "Quest Cards" (in the older version) and have moved to cards that are required (melds) and optional for higher scoring and to "sort" of have cards from 1 to 5 Victory Points respectively.

Anyhow ... This is a thread about TGC's Annual New Year's SALE. Congratulation on all the of the exciting and novel games... Cheers!

Note #1: I know Quest AC may be too simple of a game. But if it provides kids with a couple of hours of enjoyment, well I guess there is nothing wrong with that either... I know it's not the most EPIC game ever. But I took what the original game had and "re-invented" the game. That's very hard to do with SIMPLE games and to ensure that the FEEL of the game maintained the same quality.

Best of all success to TGC on the New Years SALE!!!

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