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New Contest at The Game Crafter - "That Cool Stock Part Challenge"

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The Game Crafter’s newest community game design contest is:

"That Cool Stock Part Challenge"

With The Game Crafter, there are many ways to customize your game via printing and laser cutting. But The Game Crafter’s parts shop also has nearly 3,000 stock components that are ready to go! In this contest, we challenge you to use one or more of TGC’s stock components as the centerpiece and inspiration for a new game.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of game could use a bunch of purple bunnies, fillable vials, feet, rocket dice, or those pretty pink ankylosauruses, now is your chance to create one!

Stock components include dice, character meeples, wooden pieces, 3D-printed minis, stackers, bags, rubber bands, clips, and so much more. If it’s available in “Stock Components,” it is considered a stock part for this challenge. However, we’re suckers for clever component use. So we’re looking for games that incorporate items besides standard dice and cubes, and/or games that use basic items in innovative ways.

Whatever stock pieces you choose, your game should embed those pieces into the core of your game’s theme, mechanics, and player experience. The stock pieces shouldn’t feel like basic prototype pieces, or be relegated to counters or currency—they should feel like they were made specifically for your game. In other words, the components should make the fun!

This contest will be judged by Emily Willix, (the Owner/Founder of Small Furry Games), and Parker Simpson (Illustrator/Owner of Shiny Pigeon Games). The judges look forward to seeing what fun you create.

Full details on this contest are available at:

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