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Types of shuffle

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The term "shuffle" only refers to randomize the order of cards.
Is there a term, or at least a quick way to explain, shuffling cards to randomize their orientation?
I have game that have a small deck that needs to be randomised, some cards need to be "face up" and others "face down". The order doesn't actually matter in this game (they are dealt in a row in ascending order anyway).
The term shuffling seems wrong in this context, so what should I say?
I have also come across this issue when I have split cards (i.E cards that have 2 halves per face and the "top" half is in play).
And if the deck needs to be randomised in more than one way it gets quite convoluted.

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The mechanics you are

The mechanics you are referring to has been used in Cleopatra board game. But I am not sure if they use a different word than "shuffle".

You can take a look at the rules. There are 2 different versions available.

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Explain it in a few easy steps

Wobt2 wrote:
The term "shuffle" only refers to randomize the order of cards...

Maybe you should explain like this:

1> Divide the Deck into two almost equal piles (both Face-Down).

2> Reverse the cards in one pile (Face-Up).

3> Shuffle the two (2) piles resulting in both orientations (Face-Up and Face-Down).

I think this is the best possible method of explaining what you WANT to happen. Obviously there is no term to do what you want... It's easier to explain this this way FIRST and then use "both orientations" at a later time where people who have read the STEPS "understand" what you mean by that later.

Best of luck(?!) with your game...

Note #1: And in the future you can refer to "Shuffling both card orientations" instead of going into 1.. 2.. 3.. etc. It becomes more natural once you explain it ONCE and then people can say: "Yup I understand do 1.. 2.. 3.." again... etc.

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I have heard it referred to as a wash shuffle.

I mixing the cards up in the box lid as a a card wash. Wikipedia says its a corgi shuffle.

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you can give it almost any

you can give it almost any name you like, as long as you explain the process somewhere in the rules, and specify this mechanic is called X.

Tapping in Magic the gathering did not exist before they defined tapping as rotating cards to mark they have been used.

Legend of the 5 rings called it "bow", which mimic how Japanese bow in their salutations.

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I don't see it happening with

I don't see it happening with big decks.

Imagine having to sort the cards first, before you can split them into 2.
Unless you don't sort them and simply turn half upside down and then shuffle.

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