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Legendaria update

Haven't posted in a while. Doesn't mean I haven't been working on it. I had a 3rd solo playtest a while back and since then have been working on the rules. Things appear to be coming along nicely and getting streamlined in the process.

Version 1.3 of rules are complete. I aim to get one more solo playtest before unleashing the rules and attempting to get my game group to play it. Have some work to do on updating the cards first.

For now - here is the back story that I wrote for the game:

Darkness has fallen upon Legendaria. The last of the legendary items have been seized by mysterious dark forces. Without the power that these items provide, Legendaria is unable to protect from the encroaching spread of evil to all other lands. A call has been issued to any brave adventurers that wish to risk their lives and venture forth into the outerlands to uncover the mystical legends and restore the power of Legendaria.

As a young hotshot warrior in training, you don’t really buy any of this “world is coming to an end” talk. You also think this legend business is the stuff of fairy tales. It really doesn’t exist. But you do love a good adventure, so you enlist your services for the good of the kingdom. And who knows, you might even get some kind of reward.

After arriving in Legendaria, you are greeted by a mysterious cloaked man on the outskirts of what looks like a dirty and run-down village. He states that the village has been overrun by savages and that the surrounding lands hold even more treacherous perils. He doubts that you will be able to help, but following orders, he entrusts you with a motley crue of villagers (what was left in the town), and a couple of bags of copper that might be of use.

He provides some archaic instructions; something about using your resources wisely and trying not to get yourself killed and then disappears into the shadows. You look at your motley crue and your measly supplies and you figure you might as well get going. You head of in the direction of the village with no idea what might be awaiting you inside…

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