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Past present and future

Hey guys, I'm tyler, Tbone for short. I've been on here for a little while and it seems like a good community to get ideas out.

For right now I'm at a cross roads with my game called Battle of the Aces. A game where you must use a specific selection of thirteen cards from a total of thirty different cards that all do different things in the game.

I'm taking a break from that and letting my ideas settle. For now I'm going to be working on a RTS type strategy game where you must build buildings units and upgrades to increase your chances of killing your opponent.

Message me or comment any ideas for both or if you would like to help me test, create, make it better etc.



Some thoughts

The name, Battle of Aces, makes me think of World War I aerial combat, though it could apply equally well to other eras, even fictional ones.

Out of thirteen cards, it seems to me that some should be for fuel, and some for ammunition. If you have players just randomly select thirteen cards from a common deck, then what happens if they draw no fuel? See the potential dilemma, from that approach?

The name also implies combat, so I am inclined to think that most of the game's duration should focus on the players actually dueling in air with one another. This will require fuel, to stay airborne. If they have to return to base to refuel too often, I think that the game will come across as logistical in nature, more than combat-oriented.

I actually have a game

I actually have a game somewhat like this in which the players draw deck doubles as his fuel tank. If the deck runs out before he makes it back to refuel (reshuffle) he runs out of fuel and loses.

It's not about planes lol xP

It's not about planes lol xP it came from another game I made with playing cards where the object of the game is to kill the enemies ace. But I've seen where it can get mixed up or interpreted.


My mistake.

maybe it should be about

maybe it should be about planes.

Maybe but in any matter I'm

Maybe but in any matter I'm going to be putting that project on hold.

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