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I am currently working on a game that involves loading, shipping and selling goods. I am in the midst of selecting some mechanics to use, but am looking for some more ideas. One mechanic I want to use is to have three kinds of workers that each do a specific job (versus Agricola or Caylus where 1 kind of worker can do many different jobs). The three workers are the Loader, the Trucker, and the Salesman. Each player only starts with a single trucker, but throughout the game players can buy Loaders or Salesman to increase their efficiency and profit. Another central mechanic I am working on is having players load the trucks (similar to Zooloretto) but then having players do a silent bid on which truck they would like to buy. Any ideas you can give will be appreciated.


Check out Schoko & Co

Check out Schoko & Co. It has some mechanics that might be useful to you in your game
Has some nice bits about hiring, firing, & paying employees, who are then used to do things like attend sales meetings to bid on coco beans, fulfill contracts bought at auction, and process contracts for payment.

Thanks for mentioning the game

I checked out Schoko & Co. It does have some similar elements to what I was hoping to do. It does seem that it is a bit of an older style game, so maybe it needs a re-working. Thanks again for letting me know it was out there.

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