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Dymino Monsters Update 4-18-2024

Well, it's been a very long while since I posted here on a new blog. The last blog is from December 3 or 4 2023.

So it's the New Year of 2024 and it's now April.

I'm still on chapter 5 in the journal novel for the story of Bantalatal and Aila. One war frog who uses an axe and his long time companion Aila who he met up in Thagdaar. Aila is also a frog but half the height of Bantalatal and Aila does sign language, Bantalatal is the interpreter. Aila can speak but uses sign language.

In other news:

I have had a list of 50 new encounters to make the list with 3,000 encounters, but I had dropped 10. The number of cards for the entire game is now at 11,166 cards.

I'm still working on the storyline, hand drawing all of the Dymino Monsters isometric view play mats.

I have added players start and pause game play chapter cards. One each for all twenty four playable characters.

When you or your group is finished with a chapter or need to clean up at any time during game play, players can use the Start / Pause cards and insert the card in the part of the chapter deck draw pile so you won't lose your place next game play through. All start/pause cards are on a front and back single card.

I also finished the objective tasks list of the lost, found, rewarded,find and bring back weapons for all of the twenty four playable characters. That took several days.

I also written down the campaign chapter titles for the main booklet and now I just need to fill in the gap for each chapter for the game play and story.

There will be fifty two different endings.

The game play still has :

Player vs. player
Solo campaign
Co-op / multiplayer campaigns
Four player battle mats. 2 at the moment. One hand colored and the second still a work in progress.

I don't remember if I wrote this down and thinking about it, there are 89 constellations 4 borrowed the rest are of my own design and they all have backstories and are also charted on two wooden circle discs. Even for the World of TriiDorium. Hand drawn by pencil, colored by hand on a wooden circle disc.

Still a lot more to do, but that is what I have been doing since December 2023 and also wasn't feeling well, but been better for April.

April 2004 - April 24 2024 20 years Dymino Monsters has been in development.

Stay tuned for more information and updates from me , the creator of Dymino Monsters an epic fantasy hack n slash high fantasy steampunk dieselpunk ttrpg storyline.



What's you timeline look like???

20 Years of Dymino Monsters seems like a "long" development time. How much time do you predict on continuing development in the future??? Do you have some kind of "release program", how are you planning to market the game or is this simply going to be a "personal project" that keeps you engaged in the hobby?!

I know I've asked you before about your development efforts and I know that the sheer volume of content means that it CANNOT be released at the same time.

Do you have like a window of time for the full release of ALL the content?!

Is it like 20 years in development and 10 years in releasing it all?

Are you looking for a Publisher who would be interested in the content or is this not the direction you are going in???

I know in the past you told me you were NOT certain about going through a Publisher... And that you might publicly release a Starter Set (can't remember which one)... And therefore choose Self-Publishing and maybe even consider a Kickstarter to pump-out a game and a couple expansions...?

How much more development time do you need? Is there more that 20 years worth of lore and effort to press forwards to complete the entire franchine?

Just curious. I always ask questions when the post seem a bit "nebulous", I like to question people to provide details and concrete figures when something seems unknown or speculative.

No worries @Jesse, keep up the good work!

Good evening

Yes, I know and knew this project has and would take a very long time do produce by one person. As before in the blogs and before shutting the Dymino Monsters thread down back in 2021 of December I have mentioned where and why. Plus church, life, work has the in-between that is also important to do while working on three projects and so many of the other little board games, cards games, physical games and abstract games.

I am going to and hopefully self
publish this game and everything else that comes with it in the
future. When, unknown.

I don't want to go through a publisher. It's a preference. For this project that is. I may go through The Game Crafter for all of my smaller games but at this time and being I do not have a personal computer so everything is hand drawn, hand colored and prototyped with card board, index cards and everything in between. Even on cork board and soda card board flats and one game is drawn on a large card board television box. Luckily it's all brown.

I also have a story to tell in Dymino Monsters, Dymino Monsters : Quiet Terror and Beyond The Horizon A Sci-fi Comedy Drama show. Which by the way the first season of four with 21 episodes are complete.

So, I like to have everything to view, playthrough, written up, diagramed and finished in a state that is presentable. I don't wait for the audience to ask for more content. When I flesh out my ideas, suggestions, concepts and ideas it's to the fullest.

So, with everything told before. I will take as long as it's needed to finish this project. As the motto goes for Dymino Monsters and it's continuous projects, "Everything connects for a reason".

I'm sorry you feel 20 years is a very long time to do 1 project, and for me bringing other projects I developed in to a massive franchise. Let me worry about my stories and my projects and the finances I need to self publish and publish my projects.

And yes, it's a hobby project to see things through. If my games sell, they sell. If not, I'm okay with that as well.

Also I told my very small group of followers on the Facebook game page I am using from Facebook for my projects that I would update my game blog for readers.

Why keep going? Because I enjoy the development. The time I have spent on this and my other projects.

I have one of my games in a school as of 2019. And sent toward a professional violinist in Washington state. That's an honor.

My story is very much different from everyone else's here. I'm just updating my projects.

Thank you once again for asking questions to my long journey to get to the destination. If I get there , I get there.

Dymino Monsters , Beyond The Horizon A Sci-fi Comedy Drama show and my Soldiers for Christ and Soldiers of Christ are my last projects. I have told or updated on my Facebook game page that these are my last projects and I have designed 35 games in the last 20 years and none are published or self published. I'm not trying to be popular in the board and card game industry. I'm not in it for the money either.

I enjoy watching my play testers smile, laugh and enjoy themselves with my games. I want them to break the games and figure different things out in the games. Which two have been added new game phases.

Oh I should drop the number from 35 to 34. Why, well my Board ball card board pinball game has been stalled for several years now. So it's in half development. Still trying to work out the scoring part, but I will get back to that game later.


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