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What is the Board Game Design Lab?

BGDF is partnered with the Board Game Design lab - an effort by BGDF user Gabe Barrett to create and curate regular content for game designers.

The Board Game Design Lab:

  • Curates articles from around the web, guiding users through the process of game design and publishing.
  • Publishes a podcast, with insightful interviews with industry veterans
  • BGDF is happy to have Gabe in our community, and his contributions to the site through BGDL.

    Take me back to the BGDL blogs!

    BGDL 31 -Seth Jaffee: Taking a Design from Good to Great

    Seth Jaffee, designer of Eminent Domain, discusses how to tackle that last 10% of game design that takes a game from merely good to that next level of great.

    Check out the episode here:

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    Check out the shirt here:

    BGDL 30 - Richard Launius: Designing a Good AI System

    Richard Launius, designer of Arkham Horror, shares great, veteran advice on how to design an AI system for both co-op and non co-op games.

    Check out the episode here:

    BGDL 29 - Tony Miller: How to Get the Most out of a Design Convention

    Tony Miller, attendee of double digit design conventions, discusses why it’s so important to attend design cons and what you need to take with you to get the most out of your experience.

    Check it out here:

    BGDL 27 -Daniel Zayas: Advice from a Kickstarter Expert

    Daniel Zayas, a member of the Kickstarter Expert program, discusses what the program is and how it works. He also gives some really great advice on how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign.

    Check out the episode here:

    BGDL 26 -Gabe Barrett: Why Game Design Is Important

    Gabe Barrett, founder of the BGDL, discusses why this hobby of ours matters and why game design is much more than just a fun, little activity. He also shares some stories that relate to design and talks about where the BGDL is headed in the future.

    Check it out here:

    BGDL 25 -Mike Mihealsick: Lessons Learned from Blind Playtesting

    Mike Mihealsick, from Coalition Games, discusses all the lessons and insights he’s learned after facilitating hundreds of blind playtests. Blind playtesting is the purifying fire in which we truly get to find out what our games are made of, and Mike offers a ton of advice on how to navigate the process well.

    Check out the episode here:

    BGDL 24 - Chris Kirkman: Cthulhu Themed Games

    Chris Kirkman, designer of Fate of the Elder Gods, discusses Cthulhu themed games and what makes them so popular. There’s just something about Cthulhu that continues to intrigue people, and even with all the Cthulhu games that have come out, there’s still a great deal left to be explored.

    Click here to listen:

    BGDL 23 - Morten Pedersen: Creating a Great Solo Variant

    Morten Pedersen, designer behind the solo modes for games such as Scythe and Viticulture, discusses how to scale a game down to one player and create a great solo experience.

    Morten has his own design company that focuses on creating single player systems for games and has even won awards for it.

    To listen to the episode, go here:

    BGDL 22 - Patrick Leder: Designing an Asymmetrical Game

    Patrick Leder, designer of Vast, discusses what all goes into designing an asymmetrical game. In Vast, each player takes on an incredibly different role with different actions, different win conditions, and different ways to play. And creating a game of this scope is no small task.

    Check out the episode here:

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