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Digital counter

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Hello. So I've done some digging for various type of counters and I'm at a bit of a struggle. Would players feel better having a digital counter that does all the math for them by simply pressing -1/-5/-10 or have a ring counter and do the math themselves?

I've found both but my other problem is trying to lower the cost of the game. my other thought was to use dmg and ammo tokens but ud still need to do the math in your head.

same could be said if I used a piece of wood with a pointer u slide down to the number.

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Depends on what you're

Depends on what you're counting, what the rest of the game looks like (does the counter type fit with the game as a whole?), and how often you have to do it. (Also, what does a digital counter look like?)

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What needs to be counted?

In my game, we use dice.
We sort the dice to get 5, 20 or even 45.
In all other situations: We can calculate the new number, or use a calculator.

Are you sure you want to count something? Perhaps you meant tracking instead?
Some more insights of the game would be good.

Tim Edwards
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If you're just adding - no

If you're just adding - no need to go digital IMO. Better to keep the cost down.

Tokens vs ring counter probably depends on 2 things: how many tokens would be piled up on the table (if lots - ring counter might be easier) vs how often are you adding and subtracting from your pile (if lots, favour might swing towards tokens because it's probably faster to shift them)

If whatever you're counting taken from one player and given to another, tokens win, of course.

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I have a Jumbo card for tracking up to 999 Victory Points

Here take a look at this BGG page:

It also tracks Health (18 points) and number of starships (0 to 4). But you could probably just stick with the three (3) tracks designed for VPs...

We will be using three (3) Acrylic Cubes so that the numbers can be seen through the cube.

This might be the kind of "track system" you can "borrow" from my design. It works well for my game and you can do the hard math yourself or do +1 up until you reach the Victory Point increase you have gotten (like +8 would mean counting +1 eight times).

Maybe this can inspire you to design your OWN "track system" using something "borrowed" and similar.

Best of luck(!?) with your design.

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