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Table Presence Challenge at The Game Crafter - Vote Now!

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The Game Crafter
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The community has started to vote on games that were entered in our Table Presence Challenge. The voting will determine the list of semi-finalists that will move on. Voting ends August 7, 2023 at 8pm. Visit:

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I voted for some of my favourites

I chose to vote for five (5) Games/Designers based on the NOVELTY of the game ideas. I thought that the games this time around were SUPER novel... And so I had to give myself a LIMIT to how many I would vote for.

Again I was SUPER impressed by the games that were presented.

Usually I don't vote in such contests... But the Stealing Paintings Dude was just so FUNNY and HILARIOUS, he actually got me interested in learning what other game I could also vote for. Naturally he got ONE (1) of my Votes seeing as I could not help but LAUGH (with him) during the viewing of his video. All-in-all it seems like TGC did a great job in narrowing down the field into a subset of different games which players can approach from different perspectives.

The other games that I voted for a RUKUS (so cool the connecting word game), Legions of War (That stacking mechanic is so original and very pervasive in design), All Hail the Goblin King (which had a similar mechanic in terms of stacking cards one another), Escape From Haunted Mansion (love the house tiles reminds me of Betrayal) and of course The Fine Art of Thievery (which had the funny video which would be viral if this was TikTok!)

Kudos to the Designer of Thievery ... Because it really got me INTERESTED in learning more about what else could be of interest in the other games available too... So it wasn't just the COMEDY, it was the HOOK that got me and incited me to learn more about the other entries.

Takes a special kind of person and Video to do that.

Like I said, He would probably go Viral on TikTok!

Cheers to everyone working over at "The Game Crafter" (TGC) and thank you for sharing this information as I (honestly) would never have remembered to look and see what entries were up for VOTING!


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