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Hello from The Golden Monkey

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The Golden Monkey
Joined: 05/01/2018

Hey board game world! My name is Chip Honer I work for a company called Golden Monkey Games. I asked them how we wanted to be represented within the board game community and they thought that I should be the voice and called me the Golden Monkey.
As a company we are just starting out and are working on a game called Unicorns Friend or Foe. There are two versions of the game one where you are sending out cute creatures with gifts to befriend the unicorns. You can make the creature or gift more appealing with descriptor cards that will make you be able to either befriend more unicorns or befriend the special unicorns. You can use as many descriptions as you have in your hand. For example you could send out a 'cute' 'baby' dragon with 'a box full' of 'rainbow colored' puppies. Each description and gift has a value that you add up and if that total is higher or equal to the value of the unicorn you can befriend it. The Foe edition is the same concept but instead of befriending the unicorns you are killing them. So you could have a 'Massive' dragon with an 'epic' 'nuclear' frying pan!
I created a profile on here because I am eager to absorb as much information as possible about the design process. It is extremely intimidating to jump into a pond this big. I'm just a little fish looking for survival tips.
I found out about this forum from listening to Gabe's Board Game Design Lab podcast. Which by the way has great and insightful, thanks Gabe!

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