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New Board Game Pieces at The Game Crafter - Modern Container Ships

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The Game Crafter
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The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Modern Container Ships

We added these Modern Container Ships to our Board Game Pieces Shop! They are made of plastic, come in 5 colors, and produced by The Game Crafter.

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These look nice

These look nice, and I'm curious how they might physically carry any of the various tokens, cubes, or dice available at TGC.

The Game Crafter
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Here are some examples of

Here are some examples of what they can hold:

(5) 8mm cubes [3 in the back, 2 in the front]
(4) 10mm cubes [3 in the back, 1 in the front]
(2) 16mm D6 Dice [1 in the back, 1 in the front]

In our testing as long as you are somewhat careful, you can move around the ships without losing the cargo. A little bit of double sided tape might help things if you aren't careful :)

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Just some things to think about

It could be 1x 16mm Dice in the Front and 3x 10mm Cubes in the Back. That might work for some funky things like a "Movement Speed" die (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 knots) and some cargo that is being delivered (3 different or same, etc.)

This reminds me of a game called "Laker" which was a game designed by @Ecarots another older member of He had the Container Ships moving the Great Lakes in between Canada and the North USA. And they would carry various commodities which were at that time made from 3D Printing items... He used to have a "nice" Video ... But since he kinda abandoned the project, his material (Cloth Printed) board looked pretty nice TBH.

Anyways, I'm sure he might have been interested in these parts and would save him the effort of custom 3D Printing Container Ships and Resources (Commodities) and go with generic 10mm cubes of various colors and these babies to boot!

Just felt like sharing Brian's game which is very relevant in terms of the subject matter and the necessity of the parts too.

Cheers all!

Note #1: Maximum Speed can vary according to the amount of the load. For example 3 resources could go 5 or 10 Knots, while 1 resource could go as fast as 25 or 30 Knots... There could be also various Movement Speed dice also! That could be an upgrade to your ship that also is subject to the "load" rules too... Again just some thoughts in case anyone is interested.

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