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Game Journals


Apr 17 Life Heist Submitted by The Chaz
Mar 30 Cook Off! Submitted by Ekobor
Mar 29 What's Cooking? Submitted by Ekobor
Mar 28 Dragon's Hoard Submitted by Ekobor
Mar 27 Magic Market Submitted by Ekobor
Mar 23 Privateer's Dilemma - Letter of Marque, VP, etc. Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 19 Privateer's Dilemma - Thematic Additions Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 17 Mole Majority - Playtest at TN Game Days 9 Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 9 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 6 Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 8 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 5 Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 5 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 4 Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 3 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 3 Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 2 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 2 Submitted by let-off studios
Mar 1 Privateer's Dilemma - Wave Cards Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 27 Privateer's Dilemma - Rule Sheet Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 27 Privateer's Dilemma - Game Board Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 27 Privateer's Dilemma - Reward Cards Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 20 Mole Majority - Special Actions Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 20 Mole Majority - Sample Cards Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 16 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 1 Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 9 Mole Majority - Sample Gameplay Submitted by let-off studios
Feb 9 Chaos: S.F. Island (Working title) Submitted by rickya209
Feb 3 Deep Sea Divers Submitted by Frahminator
Feb 3 Mine's a Wasting Submitted by davidwpa
Jan 29 Mole Majority Submitted by let-off studios
Jan 27 Retail: DIY Submitted by lumbercrack
Jan 22 Usurper Submitted by rtfmtech
Jan 16 Spiders, 1/16/2014 Submitted by Chip Molter
Jan 14 As-yet unnamed fantasy card game - 01 Submitted by hvymtlmachine
Jan 13 Spiders Submitted by Chip Molter
Jan 9 Warren Of Earth Submitted by 12uk5
Jan 5 Franken Kreation Prototyping and Creation Submitted by KnightmareDave
Jan 2 Game in progress Submitted by pfiidude


Dec 22 Privateer's Dilemma Submitted by let-off studios
Dec 15 KingsLand Submitted by CrazyAlbin
Dec 6 Agents Overview Submitted by jrc5639
Dec 2 Academy: Designer Journal Submitted by jrc5639
Dec 2 Academy: Designer Journal #1 - Origins Submitted by jrc5639
Dec 2 Revenge Of Doctor Hypno Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 25 Chall & Sindall Battlefields Submitted by Kroz1776
Nov 19 Lunar Realty-Space Train revamped Submitted by senorbaub
Nov 13 Diver Delve-alpha prototype and first playtest Submitted by senorbaub
Nov 5 Diver Delve Submitted by senorbaub
Oct 28 Stork Drop (Formerly Parachute Drop)-First Playtest Submitted by senorbaub
Oct 21 Aalsmeer Submitted by Kroz1776
Oct 20 Parachute Drop-Now With a Stork Submitted by senorbaub
Oct 18 Crazy Turnips Submitted by GuruForge
Oct 17 Published designs from the BGDF community Submitted by Aerjen
Oct 17 Parachute Drop-Possible Theme Tweak Submitted by senorbaub
Oct 16 Parachute Drop Submitted by senorbaub
Oct 1 Empires of Tal Submitted by talmorgoth
Sep 30 Fools! A light card game for 2-4 players, aged 10+ Submitted by trollitc
Sep 28 Funeral Parlor Submitted by senorbaub
Sep 28 Anchesstree (c.)  Submitted by anchesstree
Sep 26 The Mines of Sector 7 (working title) - Feedback requested please! Submitted by Kenyon Oreblook
Sep 16 Big Plane Hunters - Feedback appreciated! Submitted by MayuPolo
Sep 15 Dawn: "A new order" (working title) Submitted by myrkrig
Sep 1 Oneiro Submitted by oneMeVz
Aug 29 Space Train-Theme Tweak Submitted by senorbaub
Aug 28 Sugarworks Submitted by Frahminator
Aug 27 Duel Dice TCG - Critique Needed Submitted by GamingNinjaKilroy
Aug 27 CyberPsi: Agenda Game Dev Blog Submitted by Eboncourt
Aug 27 Space Train Submitted by senorbaub
Aug 23 Cats and Dogs Board game Submitted by shaun_wi
Aug 7 Clash of Swords Submitted by rtfmtech
Jul 25 FourHex Submitted by davidebabcock
Jul 10 Projekt Ecks Submitted by oneMeVz
Jul 1 Breaking Bad Submitted by mibar01
Jun 27 Spheres Submitted by oneMeVz
Jun 19 Luma Submitted by oneMeVz
Jun 19 Merchants & Corsairs Submitted by oneMeVz
Jun 16 Swarm Submitted by oneMeVz
Jun 7 Pirates and Rowboats-close to a playable game? Submitted by senorbaub
Jun 3 1. Make game structure and main elements to include. Submitted by Sander_K
Jun 3 Threshold Journal Submitted by Sander_K
Jun 2 Pirates and Rowboats-developing the gameplay Submitted by senorbaub
May 30 The need to be resourcful  Submitted by Magnaslinger
May 26 Fast Break Hoops! Submitted by Sundog
May 25 WIP: Dymino Monsters Submitted by Stormyknight1976
May 20 Bootleg Submitted by RGaffney
May 17 Pirates and Rowboats Submitted by senorbaub
Apr 23 Reclamation: Black Canyon Submitted by Frahminator
Apr 3 Omake: Panic! Submitted by waiyuren
Mar 13 Turn the Tide game for the Month of March Submitted by SAJ
Mar 9 Word-a-bout - Poll for card design Submitted by ckleach
Mar 8 Spell Dice Submitted by senorbaub
Mar 6 Word-a-bout: The final list of fragments has been created Submitted by ckleach
Mar 5 Word-a-bout Submitted by ckleach
Mar 4 Wizard's Dungeon-determining number of actions Submitted by senorbaub
Feb 20 Wizard's Dungeon (formerly known as Shifting Dungeon) Submitted by senorbaub
Feb 19 Antaire: Villages - Play Tests: 20130220 Submitted by Relexx
Feb 11 Legend of the Five Rings: Path of Enlightenment Submitted by cold_fuzion
Feb 5 Infinite Set Size & Distribution Submitted by Fhizban
Feb 4 Random Invaders Submitted by Fhizban
Jan 27 Shifting Dungeon-obstacle ideas and a prototype Submitted by senorbaub
Jan 18 TRAPPED! Submitted by abdantas
Jan 12 Shifting Dungeon Submitted by senorbaub
Jan 4 Early Testing Submitted by MarkKreitler


Dec 27 Joshua's Conquest Submitted by ender7
Dec 12 Market Dice Submitted by MarkKreitler

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