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Game Journals


May 25 Nightlancer prototype v19 from The Games Crafter Submitted by iamseph
May 20 Scavengers - PnP Submitted by let-off studios
May 15 The Cheese Board Game Submitted by jonny muir
May 8 PROJECT: Mammoth Vein Submitted by davidwpa
Apr 27 Scavengers Submitted by let-off studios
Apr 12 Dark Wall Destiny Submitted by RGarner71
Mar 4 Corridors of Power: A Political Strategy Game Submitted by Lister00
Jan 27 Up a Creek 1 (27 Jan, 2016) Submitted by killerkilroy
Jan 26 A stroll through the Wicked West Submitted by Migrationgames
Jan 4 Drafting Football Game Submitted by jasongreeno


Dec 15 Nightlancer Artwork Submitted by iamseph
Dec 14 Into the Black: A Game of Space Piracy Submitted by I Will Never Grow Up Gaming
Nov 19 Traditionalism/Absolute Monarchies Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 19 Socialism/Communism Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 19 Liberalism Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 19 Nationalism/Fascism Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 19 Ideologies Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 14 Mole Majority - Playtesting Autumn 2015 Submitted by let-off studios
Nov 12 Basic Concept Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 10 Journal Purpose Submitted by jrc5639
Oct 12 Basket Cases Submitted by BubbleChucks
Oct 10 Rules Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 9 Is Infinite different than The Duke? Yes. Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 9 Pieces pictures, or v.1 of game pieces Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 9 The Pieces Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 9 Brainstorming Infinite .2 why bother? Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 8 Brainstorming .1 Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 8 Brainstorming Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 8 Table of Contents Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 8 Infinite Submitted by cybulskina
Oct 2 Nightlancer Submitted by iamseph
Sep 21 J. Ryan Opp's SNUB - Introduction Submitted by RyTracer
Sep 19 What Has and Will Be Submitted by markgrafn
Sep 12 A rummy based dueling game Submitted by jesseshowalter
Aug 29 UNTITLED - A Designer and a Desire Submitted by markgrafn
Aug 15 Mole Majority - Playtesting August 2015 Submitted by let-off studios
Aug 14 I Love a Parade Submitted by davidwpa
Jul 6 Too Big To Fail Submitted by Krupa
Jun 23 Mole Majority - Pitch Info Submitted by let-off studios
Jun 3 Nature Preserve: Workers Submitted by Darwins_Dog
May 29 Mole Majority - Playtesting May 2015 Submitted by let-off studios
May 26 Nature Preserve: Board Submitted by Darwins_Dog
May 26 Nature Preserve: Cards Submitted by Darwins_Dog
May 26 Nature Preserve Submitted by Darwins_Dog
May 18 The End of it All Submitted by thoughtfulmonkey
May 16 Nightlancer Submitted by iamseph
May 6 Space Zoo play statistics Submitted by pastej
May 4 Mole Majority: Card Updates - May 2015 Submitted by let-off studios
May 1 Sequel to Ric: A handheld (video game) card game Submitted by Chad Russell
Apr 21 Space Zoo suggestions Submitted by pastej
Apr 17 Space zoo cards Submitted by pastej
Apr 17 Space Zoo Board Submitted by pastej
Apr 17 Space Zoo rules Submitted by pastej
Apr 17 Space Zoo Submitted by pastej
Mar 15 Silvanus printer friendly cards part 2 Submitted by Chad Russell
Mar 15 Silvanus printer friendly cards part 1 Submitted by Chad Russell
Feb 21 Contract Submitted by phonyamerican
Feb 11 Super-Bee! version .05 Submitted by AndreiLefter
Feb 11 Steps & Stumbles [WIP] Box Art  Submitted by IcePeddlerGames
Feb 7 Mole Majority at Unpub 5 - Feb 2015 Submitted by let-off studios
Jan 6 Mole Majority - Hex Tiles Submitted by let-off studios


Dec 11 Antitrust Submitted by rtfmtech
Dec 10 Out of this Word! - A word game with some set collection Submitted by limalima
Dec 6 "Patient Zero" Solo Card Game- Semi Final Rules Submitted by knightshade
Nov 19 Attacking players; When do you do it. Submitted by jrc5639
Nov 18 The super nice people Submitted by jrc5639
Oct 15 Card Workshop Submitted by Tbone
Oct 15 Greenfield Game - Event Structure Submitted by JuKarasawa
Oct 14 Greenfield Game - Brainstorm Submitted by JuKarasawa
Oct 14 Greenfield Game Submitted by JuKarasawa
Sep 28 Ned Kelly the Iron Outlaw Submitted by Ned Kelly
Sep 25 Stealth playtesting party Submitted by T hardy
Sep 19 Mole Majority - Thematic Variations Submitted by let-off studios
Sep 15 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 15 Submitted by let-off studios
Sep 13 Sengoku Submitted by oneMeVz
Sep 12 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 14 Submitted by let-off studios
Sep 9 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 13 Submitted by let-off studios
Aug 26 Creating the Rules for Sweet Saga Submitted by Dogmeatlives
Aug 22 Mad Scientist Submitted by ruy343
Aug 19 Battle of the Aces - The Introduction Submitted by Tbone
Aug 10 Mole Majority - Blind Playtest 1 Submitted by let-off studios
Aug 10 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 12 Submitted by let-off studios
Aug 3 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 10 Submitted by let-off studios
Aug 3 Mole Majority - Playtesting Reports Submitted by let-off studios
Jul 26 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 11 Submitted by let-off studios
Jul 19 Mole Majority - Key Concepts Submitted by let-off studios
Jul 19 Mole Majority - Ruleset - August 2015 Submitted by let-off studios
Jul 6 Polter-Heist: Don't Go Outside - 8 Player Expansion Submitted by gjaros
Jul 5 Stealth PnP out for playtesting!!  Submitted by T hardy
Jul 5 Stealth continued continued Submitted by T hardy
Jun 20 Polter-Heist Game Journal Submitted by gjaros
Jun 18 Stealth continued Submitted by T hardy
Jun 17 Stealth- the concept Submitted by T hardy
Jun 10 Iron Curtain - a deck-building dice game Submitted by danieledeming
Jun 10 Cartel: Print and Play ready! Playtest me! :D Submitted by tuism
May 23 Sweet Saga Introduction Submitted by Dogmeatlives
May 18 Mole Majority - Playtest Session 9 Submitted by let-off studios
May 8 Amusement Park v2 Submitted by Ekobor
May 4 Solo Amusement Park Game Submitted by Ekobor
May 2 Mecha Mettle - Print and Play Ready - Looking for feedback and testers! Submitted by Inquisibot

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