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Advice Appreciated


I'd like to use this for Metatopia and events going forward so I'm looking for help and suggestions, wording, etc. for this.

If this is too small please take the time to go to:

Twitter: @Wombatwords

Thanks guys


Find another background

IMHO it looks like a "Fantasy Game" such as a Magic, Spells, D&D-like type of game just by seeing the "paper" background...

Your game is about "space", you need to use stars, nebulas, planets, etc.

It will just suit the game better.

Also repeating "Stuff the Universe ..." is a bit too much. I would read the second paragraph as "The game changes each time you play..." The third: "And it is Family Friendly too!"

Just my comments... Do as you wish with the advice!

Best of luck with your game.


Ive revised the text in addition to a x-posted request.

I am having an issue with the layer for space as the text has to alternate between white and black. As I am not a g.a. how can I correct this?

Originally felt the paper gave it a firefly feel.

Fairly easy

If you want to use a BLACK font color, just add a layer (above the space image and below the text layers) and give it a 65% transparency. Put in WHITE (255,255,255) rectangles, one for each PARAGRAPH.

They'll appear as translucent and will make your BLACK text more readable.

At the same point you will be able to see the SPACE background if white or black, whatever the case and it should look fine.

That's a simple way of making it work...


@Questccg thank you I'll have to try that next. I just fiddled w/ Gimp2.8 for this, let me know if it is better then the first version.

Yes the new version is better

The grey version is better... The planet's add a touch of space feel to the overall page.

A Nebula between both planets might be cool... Try to use this as a background (but rotate the image 90 degrees clock-wise):

Keep the two planets - but put the nebula on a lower layer... Maybe that would look cool?!

Just thinking...

will keep playing with this

Can't make it look right yet even at a 50% to 60% transparency. I'll see if there is a way to drop the space but keep the nebula in the center.

If you don't want boxes...

Put a the nebula on a layer with say (50% transparency) and put white underneath.

That also might look cool...

I like the newer one. I

I like the newer one. I thought you might mention the game name again at the end.. maybe instead of

Find us on....

It could read:

Find Stuff The Universe on:

Really minor thing... just popped into my head and thought I'd post.

Here is a sample I spent about 45 minutes on

Don't worry if you don't like it... I used COREL PaintShop Pro to do it.

I don't have your character art - so I just stuck to the basics - trying to make the image clearer. Since you didn't want rectangles, I added a Glow Effect to the Main Text and the Title.

You can use this example as a source of inspiration to what can be done with layers and glow effects and transparency settings...



Honestly how did you do the glow? I couldn't figure that out in gimp....

That looks great I need to get better with gimp as what you did in 45 minutes it took me almost 5 hours to put together.

Thank you and if you don't mind when I get home around midnight I may rep in you here for help/ideas etc.

Thanks mate

GIMP doesn't have LAYER effects

I checked GIMP 2.8 and there are no "layer effects". Adobe Photoshop and COREL PaintShopPro both have the option.

You may want to BUY "PaintShopPro", it's only $69.99 CAD. Must be even cheaper in the USA. Maybe like $49.99 USD. IDK.

But it's not expensive like Adobe Photoshop and it's pretty good has both Vector Layers (Shapes/Text) and Raster Layers (Pixels)... So it's like Illustrator + Photoshop kinda. Not as powerful as both those products. But for the price nothing can beat it.

If you do BUY COREL PaintShopPro X9 (you don't need Ultimate), I can send you the file (.psp) for the page I designed. I have no attachment, I just wanted to see what I could do given about 1 hour. So 15 minutes to download all the images and 45 minutes to make the composition.

Let me know if you want the .psp file.


And if it were up to me...

I'd ADD your PILOT Rabbit (in the Top-Left hand corner) to the bottom-right hand corner maybe flip the image and make the rabbit a bit bigger... to truly represent the STU game (gotta have a least one of the characters!)

That would make it more sweet! :)

Update: Clipped the image from your V2... Look pretty decent!

Update #2: Added the stats and CE logo - so you can sell in Europe! ;)

Very nice

Very cool ty again I know I need to modify the language currently but if you can send as a photo shop file I can try to import into gimp and modify the language

Won't be till early am though.

I can send you the .PSP file

I didn't use Photoshop... I used "PaintShop Pro X8".

In version GIMP 2.8 does not support Version 13 of .PSP file. I tried to load it myself (I have GIMP 2.8 but I don't use it...) For $69.99 CAD I'd rather use PSP because it's easier, faster to do stuff with and it's cost effective.

You can DOWNLOAD PSP FREE for 30 day trial:

That should get you started... And I can e-mail you the .PSP file. But send me your e-mail in a PM (Private Message).

Once I get your e-mail, I'll shoot off the .PSP file.

Also if you install PSP, you'll get the FONTS that I used. They are either Win 8.1 or PSP Fonts... I may also need to send you a FONT (ModMatrix). It's a GAME font that I often like to use... It's the font used by Magic: The Gathering cards! LOL (it's true!!!) :P

No Layer Effects in GIMP?

Could you please explain what you mean?

I use GIMP quite a lot, and I do find myself wishing it could do things it can't, but I am yet to think of an important layering function it doesn't offer. It's the use of layers in GIMP that makes me like it.

What is it that it can't do that you think it should?

Hard to explain

On a "layer" you can apply an "effect" like "Outer glow", "Inner glow", "drop shadow", "Reflexion", "Bevel & Emboss", etc.

Photoshop has the same feature (but has more effects) and PaintShopPro does also. Some effects are better in Photoshop... (like Inner glow which contours the shape of all the objects as opposed to a lighting effect - as in PaintShopPro).

So yeah Photoshop's version of that same feature is about 50% better.

But PaintShopPro does have the "Outer glow" and that's what Jon wanted...

And like I say for $69.99 CAD you can BUY a full version of COREL PaintShopPro. That's like $49.99 USD...

I do outer glows, reflections and drop shadows in GIMP...

Okay, I see what you mean. But most of that can be done in GIMP. To get an outer glow, I would copy a layer, remove the contrast, make it super-bright and monochromatic, and then do a Gaussian Blur, possible followed by some minor rescaling.

Reflections are done by copying, inverting, and adding a layer mask transitioning from partially transparent to fully transparent.

Things like "Emboss" are under the filter menu.

It is also easy to add lighting and so on.

Welcome back, Jon!


It's great to see you out here! Hope all is've been receiving some excellent advice and assistance so I'll simply say "hi" and get out their way.


@arcuate ty


Do you know of a video or tutorial I can watch on this? I didn't know a glow could be added but again I am not a graphic artist.

Re:" Reflections are done by copying, inverting, and adding a layer mask transitioning from partially transparent to fully transparent."


@Questccg layering

Ok, so you duplicate the layer and then apply the effect to the copy or you just create a layer and apply an effect to the layer?

Thanks :)

@The Professor hey

Ltns, ty yeah this has been my baby I was reluctant to share much of as it was near and dear to me. We spoke briefly about it a long time ago but its been play testes so much I felt comfortable putting something up. The other games helped me build the courage.

Ty also if you ever want to catch up let me know. I still work nights till mornings but happy to try to do something on a weekend. Drop me a line anytime, it'd be good to catchup.

Reflection in GIMP

Thank You!!!

Was able to create the 3rd version based on Quest CCG's layout/input and everyone else providing input.

V3 looks Fantastic...

I would maybe use a "brighter" glow... But it looks FANTASTIC! Great job... I'll send you the .PSP file anyways. But you look to have the entire game sheet re-vamped and looking totally awesome.

Again great job... I like V3 the best!

"CE" means European Conformity (in French), you must put this logo if you want to SELL the game in Europe. It can be smaller though...


Thanks, I got a bit of additional input and have changed it to V4 I used an outline in GIMP for the text which helped immensely per a GA. I was also advised not to use the Comic Sans or Cambria fonts due to their "meaning". I wanted it to be playful but apparently it's considered inappropriate.

Thank you for sharing the CE meaning, I was scratching my head. If you have that .png would you send it also? Thanks again. :)

Sure I'll send you all the files

However in V4 which is way more readable (BTW), I would put SPACES between words so that each line of text ENDS almost at the SAME point. It makes the text look like it's been "Justified". Like take "Sector" as the LAST word... for the other lines, add ONE (1) SPACE between all words. If that is not enough add TWO (2) SPACES to every second word (or every word when needed).

That's a little trick you can use to make the text look more uniform on the page.

I'll send you all the files (including CE) after 5:00 PM. I am currently at work and on another laptop. So I don't have COREL or the .PSP image I worked on. But rest assured I will send you the files after work!


@questing thanks

Yes I got that input I was asked to justify or space it out so it's well received and in the AM I'll work on the changes (after work) thanks again and thanks for emailing it to me as your able.

Would like to thank you off Tumblr so if you could just include in the email or a pm how you want your co, name and\or game to be states just let me know.

Thanks again

Looking good

Looking good there. Version 2 does not have enough contrast, and the glow makes it a bit too hard to read, but the others are great.

-Eberhardt- wrote:Ok, so you

-Eberhardt- wrote:
Ok, so you duplicate the layer and then apply the effect to the copy or you just create a layer and apply an effect to the layer?

Thanks :)

Whenever I do anything in GIMP, I copy a layer, work on the copy, and leave the original intact as a backup. If I want to see the original layer as well as have it as a backup, I make multiple copies. Give each layer a meaningful name, like Glow, Shadow, Blurred, Purplish Version.

Often, the final look will be a transition between two different versions of the same thing - one might be slightly brighter, or have a slightly different oolour balance - and I use a Layer Mask with a gradient tool to transition between versions.


Thanks, I have learned a LOT in GIMP the past 3 days. I have so many layers the images are huge; however the Layers help immensely.

I have not gotten the gradient tool perfect but am continuing to try it.

Let me know what you think about the last 2 images.

I like them...

I probably missed it somewhere, but what is the intended use of these images? If they are intended to be printed, you need to worry about safe margins, bleed, and so on. If they are purely digital, then that is not an issue.

But, even if they are purely digital, and you don't have to worry about printer drift, I personally would prefer larger margins - bigger gaps between the text and the edge.

BTW, i didn't send a link to a Glow tutorial...

Here is one I found with a quick Google - there may be better ones. But the site looks interesting, and probably worth bookmarking. I am often surprised at what can be done with GIMP.


Thanks :)

Oh the purpose is for Table Display and hand out for info from play tests at Metatopia. :)

I've printed them and there is a .25" margin all around kind of bummed about that as I wanted it to be a full bleed but still ok :) I'm not a professional and it still conveys the message. :)

Thank you for the links/help it is greatly appreciated. :)

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