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Brief, free audio-visual Introduction to Game Design class

I've created a brief, free audio-visual Introduction to Game Design class. It is primarily aimed at those who want to design video games (a much larger contingent than tabletoppers), but applies to TT as well. While many readers here already understand most of what I say, you might know someone who is just getting started in design who could benefit.

URL: (Udemy is a site specializing in offering audio-visual courses.)

Who am I? I am retired from college teaching, and at the end of my time I taught video game design and production. I am also a published game designer and game design book author and blogger, and was recently a Guest of Honor at GenCon Indy 2013.

My YouTube channel "Game Design" hosts the "What You'll Discover" lecture from this course.

(You may also be interested in recent blog posts, Video Wargame Conversions ffrom the Tabletop ( and GenCon (and WBC) 2013 (

I am in the process of making longer courses that will not be free. Those who register for the free course will be notified when a new course is published.

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