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December 3 thru 6 Dymino Monsters Update

Dymino Monsters / TriiDorium update:

Birth Reign Second Era Titans reference lists have been completed with the following as of early this morning before head to bed today:

Height, Weight, Movement Speed, Attack and Defense.

Same with the Rise of the Titans reference lists.

Now to work on each individual reference for :


Stay tuned for more updates.


For the Height , Weight and Movement for each Titan I rolled the following:

Height : 1d4 , 1d6
Weight : 1d100 , 1d20
Movement : 1d10

When the dice rolled on a zero on the d10, it gives no movement speed. So it's a basic stand still. So players will know what the Titan does for it's skill and actions during that Titans offense and defense phase on each leveled 1-4 card and on the encyclopedia reference lists.


If you notice the height of the Bell Spirit reference, it's 24 feet tall. I wanted to have each Titan feel enormous enough that in real life and not some unwelcome goofy number that I just felt like it was to tall.

I referenced other Titan encounters from dinosaurs , movies and other games to get a sense of how tall those encounters were. Yes, their reference size were just enormous and those encounters fit for those worlds and stories.

I went with the dinosaur height reference. It's only logical that when we see a full height of a Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus skeleton , that is what I was going for.

For smaller encounters, like the Bullfrog in the Dymino Monsters production manuscript, the Bullfrog height is 12 to 14 hands high. That is the size reference of a living horse.

Why such a large bullfrog at 12 to 14 hands? Well, the populace in Triidorium use most bullfrog for barder, sell, trade, food, shelter, weaponry etc from the carcass.

I wanted this world and story to be different from what I know and makes sense for the animal species in the story and world they inhabit.



November 22 2022 Dymino Monsters Update

November 22,2022
Dymino Monsters Update:

Up all night once again and it's relaxing while working on this project.

You have to make time to do the things you do to get things done.

The last 2 hours I worked on fine tuning the written layout of the Titans Encyclopedia sheet. A reference layout.

I went through 20 plus pages while watching Star Trek. Before I go to bed, I looked over the sheet more than a few times and I will edit again. I will put up a before and after pictures and explain what I have worked on.

I'm going to bed now.
Night everyone.


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