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Games at my Day Job

I've been a game design tinker for much of my adult life. Very recently, I finally acknowledged that at least a large part of my day job and how I make a living is in making games.

As of this writing, I'm at the start of my first vacation since late December, and I took the opportunity to reflect at least a little bit on my creative (and as it happens, professional) output over the past several months.

It focuses primarily on video games (which is where I've had to - by necessity - develop most new projects), so instead of reprinting it here, I'm inviting you to have a look at the blog post I made at a video game website where I frequently contribute: Glorious Trainwrecks.

I'm pleased and proud of what I've been doing since mid-March of this year, and I'm grateful I've had this opportunity to look back on it. I'm hoping that whatever you take away from what I've shared, you are inspired to keep creating - sometimes, in any way you can.

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