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New Card Game - Crab Tactics

After playing a dreadful dice game called Bowling Dice - which turned out to be nothing more than throwing the dice and challenging the score-keeper to learn the scoring process for the original sport of Bowling - I challenged myself to come up with a more interesting game based on the Bowling sport that shifts the theme quite a bit. This quick sketch is the result.

Should you have any feedback, please share it below. Thanks!

Photos of the cards I make, and eventually photos of a game in progress, will be added later.

New Piecepack Game - One Shot

I'm currently living in a cabin, devoid of fancy board games. Instead, I've been tinkering with my piecepack system, and finally came up with a "gateway" game worth sharing. Please have a look at One Shot if you have a piecepack of your own, or you're just curious. The rulesheet weighs in at a hefty 1.33 pages.

You can download it at the following link:

Mom N' Pops - Game Jam Entry

I finished up and submitted an entry to this year's Mapemounde analog game jam over at . It's a tabletop game/RPG game jam that has 10 days or so of game development, then two weeks of playing/reviewing the submissions. The general idea is always about maps in some way, shape, or form. In particular, this year's theme was, "The map is the body of a loved one."

I decided to make a storytelling/journaling game about becoming a tattoo artist.

Selling My Games Collection - ALL GONE

In a short time, I will be moving to a rural/wilderness area and traveling there with little more than what fits in my car (a modest-yet-awesome Toyota Corolla). In radically downsizing, my tabletop and card game collection is on the chopping block. Might you be interested in taking in a game or two?

EDIT: All games are gone. :-D

I chose not to delete this thread because there's been a nice discussion about Splendor in particular. Read on, and learn.

New Prototype: Freight Forwarding Game

I design games and interactive activities for use at my day job. I teach people industry-specific material on an introductory level, so that when they apply for a job in the field, they'll have at least a basic understanding of the industry they're entering.

It's always a challenge to develop a game for our typical audience. The vast majority of them - likely 98% - are not hobby game players and haven't played anything more complex than a hardcore game of Sorry! or Uno.

Mapemounde 2021 - My Entry

Mapemounde is a game jam for analog games, focusing on a map of some kind as a central aspect to the games made for it.

Originally, I wanted to develop a previous idea I had been inspired to create (my concept for Canavan's Back Yard I'd posted about previously), or maybe even resurrecting my older Four Corners of the Earth game concept and turning it into something workable.

New Game: Animal Houses

Animal Houses - PnP Version

I purchased a set of 6 Woodland Creatures Dice from The Game Crafter not too long ago, and decided to use them to make a game for my twin nephews (age 7).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you Let-Off Studios' ANIMAL HOUSE(S)!

Last Update: 25 Dec 2020

Download this ZIP for all files needed to play the game:

Separate instructions available for download as a PDF here:

Online Dice Game: Hungry Jack

Screen shot of an online version of the "Hungry Jack" dice game - or toy.

So I made a digital version of a classic dice game for a virtual workshop on game design. The game - if you want to consider it one - is called Hungry Jack. It's roots rest somewhere deep in European antiquity.

You can play it here. It's made with HTML5 and works in nearly any web browser:

To play, click the mouse on the "click here to play" button. When in the game, click on the "Throw Dice!" button or press the SPACEBAR when it's your turn.

Dice App

I created a very simple dice-throwing application. I intend to use this while teaching game design online and to play simple dice games. It's made for HTML5, and so can be used in nearly any browser. It stretches or contracts to fit a screen display on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Throw dice by clicking on the image of the die on the left, and the result is displayed in the dice pool to the right.

Games at my Day Job

I've been a game design tinker for much of my adult life. Very recently, I finally acknowledged that at least a large part of my day job and how I make a living is in making games.

As of this writing, I'm at the start of my first vacation since late December, and I took the opportunity to reflect at least a little bit on my creative (and as it happens, professional) output over the past several months.

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