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Playtested my game at Tabletop Day

Playtest Tabletop Day

A friend of my agreed to play my steampunk miniatures wargame during tabletop day in our LFGS, having nothing better to do. The game took about 2 hours due to explaining all the rules and just general first time learning the new system. We each had 6 unbalanced models. This was a game of rules playtesting, not balance playtesting, after all.

Halfway through he commented that it was fun. At the end of the game, the negative things he had to say were:
The Potential Systemâ„¢ (where points are spent to get extra dice /rerolls. (Focus/Soulstones) )he felt, was too restrictive. You're only allowed to use 1 Potential Ability per model, per round. You gain more potential as your models die, but near the end you have so much potential and no way to spend it all.

I told him it was .... wasted potential. Bad joke aside, using more that one ability would unbalance the game. People would blow all their potential every round on their first character that activates for one MASSIVE hit w/ rerolls and potentially 1 shot a figure.

Another negative was Charging. The distance to charge was the problem. You get 1.5x movement speed while charging (MOV 4 becomes MOV 6). So we both agreed that a model needed a minimum of 1/2 its base movement in order to charge (MOV 4 needs 2" of MOV to charge)

Most of the other comments were just "character is too OP" which is a balancing issue, not rules issue.

The good comment:
"It was a fast, light, easy to learn, easy to understand version of Warmachine and Malifaux. If Warmachine and Malifaux had a baby, this would be it. It was fun."

I was a little taken aback by that comment. I was hoping for something a bit toned down, but that was it.

So my game is now Reese's Cups.

That restored my faith in what I've been working on for the passed 2 years. I'd like to get a lot more playtesting done though.


Any pictures?

Any pictures of your play test? I'd love to see more miniatures than the one photo you have on your profile.

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