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[PnP Files Available] Maverick - Solo Strategy Card Game


Solo Strategy Card Game

The local townsfolk have hired you, a monster slayer, to slay all the monsters in a nearby dungeon.

Cardians | Solo Card Game


Your lands are under attack! Deploy cardians to protect various
locations against the intruders until they are defeated.

Cardians PnP Rules

Dungeon Dare 2020 Update - Online Demo

In Dungeon Dare, press your luck as a brave hero seeking treasure within the depths of the dungeon. But beware, get too greedy, and the creatures in the dungeons will overcome you! Dungeon Dare is played by 2-4 heroes, ages 7 and up, in about 10-15 minutes. Draw cards one at a time trying to collect the most treasure while avoiding creatures. Draw just one more card...we dare you!

Diamond Heist - Simple Solitaire Playing Card Game

Diamond Heist

A simple solitaire game in which the player must arrange a 3 by 3 grid of numbered playing cards such that all horizontal, vertical, and diagonal sums are equal (15 diamonds).

Game Rules v1.2

Rolling in Clover - Press-your-luck dice game

Rolling in Clover

This game includes these rules, 11 dice, and a cup to hold them in. You’ll need a pen and paper to keep score. Two or more can play. The first player is the one who is wearing the finest wool garment, or the one who won the last game.

Grazing the Fields

On your turn, shake the cup, take five dice from it without looking, and roll them. Each one is a field full of grass, clover, and sheep.

Dungeon Draw - Available PnP

A 15 minute dungeon delver's micro push-your-luck card game for 2 or more players, ages 7 and up!

Rules | Cards | Cardbacks

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