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[Playthrough Video added] Old Town Road | In-hand solitaire PnP card game

Old Town Road is an in-hand solitaire card game following your encounters with outlaws along the infamous road leading to Old Town. Participate in various events along the route in the best sequence possible to score 3-card poker hands once you've reached town.

The game is comprised of 24 character cards, 4 establishment cards, and the Old Town reference card.

Beetleground - A dexterity "dewling" game (slide dew droplets onto a stump)

Beetleground is a dexterity “dewling” game. Players take turns aiming dew that’s dripping off overhanging leaves at beetles on a stump below. Beetles they knock off the stump are added to their collection.

Clock Tower - 9 Card Solitaire Game

It’s noon. Your agency has just verified intelligence that suggests illegal activities are going to take place around the clock tower at 5:00PM. Investigate the area and try to stop it before it happens.


The Pens are Mightier | Cooperative Categories Party Game

The Pens are Mightier

Battle Pencils | Trading Pencil Game

This will be my personal blog for all thing Battle Pencils, including my experience with The Pitch Project 2020. This publisher event has finally forced me to create a sell sheet for my game.

Polyhydra | A Battling Polyhedral Dice Game

Polyhydra | A Battling Polyhedral Dice Game

Polyhydras are powerful and dominating creatures. Whenever they encounter other polyhydras in the wild, they fight one another to the death to claim the surrounding territory.

Each round, players roll polyhedral dice, representing their hydra heads, dealing damage with “locked” dice, sequenced by number of sides and increasing value. Push your luck to deal more damage, risking a miss if no dice can be locked.

Blind Blade - A solo pencil and paper dexterity game

Blind Blade

Solo Pencil and Paper Dexterity Game

You are a blind blademaster who has sworn to protect the innocent from oppressive gangs and you’re about to assault another gang hideout…

You make strokes with a pencil from around the edge of the game sheet, while your eyes are closed, to slice through gang members, prisoners' chains, and enemy supply caches worth points.

Game Rules

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Maverick - Solo Card Game

The local townsfolk have hired you, a monster slayer, to clear a dungeon full of monsters that have been attacking the citizens. Negotiate payment and start hunting…

Maverick is a solo card game.

Cardians | Solo Card Game


Your lands are under attack! Deploy cardians to protect various
locations against the intruders until they are defeated.

Cardians PnP Rules

Dungeon Dare 2020 Update - Online Demo

In Dungeon Dare, press your luck as a brave hero seeking treasure within the depths of the dungeon. But beware, get too greedy, and the creatures in the dungeons will overcome you! Dungeon Dare is played by 2-4 heroes, ages 7 and up, in about 10-15 minutes. Draw cards one at a time trying to collect the most treasure while avoiding creatures. Draw just one more card...we dare you!

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