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The Basic types of Attacks?

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I'm doing some preliminary work on a possible game that needs 10 basic attack types. My list so far is Physical (close combat), Ballistic (ranged combat), Mental, Psychological, Audio, Aromatic, Energy, Fire, and Cold.

Anyone have any ideas that don't overlap what I already have? Anyone think anything I have overlaps itself?

I'm trying for 10 types, because that makes the math easier.

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The Basic types of Attacks?

You could break Physical into a few separate categories.

Bashing, Slashing, Stabbing.


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The Basic types of Attacks?

If you have cold and fire, why not add other elemental types such as wind and water?

And the pedant in me cannot resist pointing out that a ballistic attack is simply one type of energy attack, using kinetic energy. Fire and audio are also 'energetic' forms. I expect by energy you mean some kind of radiation attack, such as laser, which is based on electro-magnetic waves.

To further divide the energy catagory, you get:

Kinetic energy: ballistics, physical hitting etc. Audio also comes in this catagory I think.

Radiation: transfer of heat energy via various forms of radiation (visible light, microwave etc)

Nuclear: Energy stored in atomic nucleii is released by splitting or fusing atomic nuclii.

Potential/Gravitational: Energy confered by differences in position.

Perhaps you could do something with these?

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The Basic types of Attacks?

TheReluctantGeneral wrote:

...Perhaps you could do something with these?

General, you're stealing my schtick!

To others: Yeah, what he said!

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The Basic types of Attacks?

Have 5 kinds, in both melee and ranged. 5 x 2 = 10

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The Basic types of Attacks?

Hi there Captain Bob,

It would be a lot easier to suggest any kind of attacks knowing the theme of your game. Some people thought this is a science-fiction game when they saw "Energy" attacks. For my part, seeing fire and ice makes me think it's a Fantasy setup with magical users. You might want to clear that up.

Looking at the ideas you've had so far, I would sugest you do not have type of attacks that overlap each others. For example, mental and psychological are very close, and could be merged into a single category (unless you are able to clearly define what attacks will fit in which type). Otherwise, you might confuse the players.

Also, as it has already mentionned, you might want to add elements such as wind, water, earth, light and darkness, although this is often seen in video games. Fire and cold could also be combined into an "Elemental Magic" category.


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The Basic types of Attacks?

Like Lordpog said, make 2 groups of 5 types. One for magic and the other one for physical attacks. If you want to make rock-paper-scisor style oppositions, you place your 5 type in a circle and draw a pentragram in it, each line is an opposition.

The Basic types of Attacks?

The (very-loose) theme is a hunting game, where each player moves their hunter through the woods and tries to capture animals. The animals often carry weapons and armor like flamethrowers and sonic disruptors, so don't get too concerned with following the theme. Players control such entities as Mad Scientists, Babies, Hypnotists, TV Weathermen, and similar nonsense.

At the moment I've got Physical, Ballistic, Mental (Intellectual), Psychological, Electric, Radiation, Heat, Cold, Sonic, and Nasal for the attack types. It is card-based combat, so you can only defend against a Radiation attack with Radiation defense cards, for example.

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The Basic types of Attacks?

I'm seeing some confusion in your types. You seem to have some items that are suited to a broad category to attack, and some items that are suited to a manifestation of a broad category.

For instanace, you have Physical (but you really mean physical melee, I suspect) and Ranged. These are clearly broad categories.

Then there is mental, I assume you mean like mind control, or using brain power to harm, or trick a target. This is clearly a ranged attack, but it may be distinct enough to merit its own category.

Next is Psycological. If I interpert you correctly, this is an information attack directed at morale or perhaps even operational knowledge. This is distinct enough to merit a category, too.

After that, electric, heat, cold are all a manifestation of either a melee or ranged attack. As all can be justified as either melee, ranged, or ballistic.

Radiation is clearly a ranged attacks (not ballistic, but could prolly go through opposing obstacles)

Sonic and nasal can be information attacks (misleading scents or sounds, also silencing of sound) or a physical damaging range attack (caustic gas, or deafening sound)

So really, I think you've alread got way more than ten types of attacks.

Physical (clubs, swords, fists)
Hot (on touch)
Cold (on touch)
Electric (Shock on touch)

Ranged - (direct fire)
Physical (bullets, arrows)
Hot (flamethrower)
Cold (frost ray?)
Electric (lightening bolts - horizontal)
Mental (mind powers)

Ranged - (indirect fire)
Physical (artillery, ICBM, grenades)
Hot (fireball that arcs over stuff)
Electric (summon a storm cloud to send lightening down)
Mental (long-range mind powers)
Sonic (deafening (painful) sond waves)
Nasal (inhalants prolly a better term)

Psycological (propaganda)
Sonic (decoy sounds)
Nasal (decoy scents)

It might be better to focus on the manifestations as your ten proper types, (physical, chemical) and then associate them with various modes of employment (range, melee)

So, with that in mind, here are some types:
1) Physical (fists, bullets)
2) Explosive (HEAT rounds, bombs)
3) Chemical (gas, acid)
4) Biological (viruses, bacteria)
5) Radiation (neutron bombs, light?, lasers?)
6) Mental (mind powers)
7) Tempature (lasers?, electrical?, burning, freezing)
8) Sonic (sound blasts)
9) Water (drownding, short-circuiting)
10) Energy (light?, lasers?, electrical)
11) Time (slowing, haste, ageing)

Some attack modes could be:
1) Melee (requires touching)
2) Direct LOS ranged (guns, lasers)
3) Direct non-LOS rangerd (radiation)
4) Indirect ranged (artillery)
5) Passive (landmines, decoys, traps) Seperate category because while they affect the target from close, they usually are triggered when the attacker is at range. So they are kind of both ranged and not

Then the others might be better in some kind of modifer category:
1) Psycological (misinformation, propaganda)
2) Camoflage (sound, smell, sight, radar)
3) Legal (lawyers, bureacracy, public opnion)

Some attacks could actually be categorized as multiple types:

Flash-bang grenade:
Physical (concussion from shock wave)
Sonic (the bang)
Energy (the flash)
Modes: Indirect Ranged

Low-power laser gun:
Modes: LOS Ranged

High-power laser gun:
Modes: LOS Ranged, non-LOS Ranged for X-Ray laser or something)

Orbital Mind Control Ray:
Modes: Indirect Ranged (if from a character perspective of play), Direct non-LOS Ranged (if from the satelite perspective of play)

Tsunami Generator:
Physical (from impact of giant wave)

If a target had protection from one of the types in a multiple type attack, it may take recuced damage or effect from the attack.

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