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Battles but Still Not THE typical wargame

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Im trying to make something "New" this must sound stupid...all the game ides wich i can think of are already used, anyway..

This is my idea...
This is just me, but i like the "Free boardgames" where there isnt just 1 option how to play the game. I like the ide of setting up a world or a town and then playing the life there or the Showdown....

Playing Axis and Allies does not really give me the "kick" anymore there are some "must to do moves"
YOu dont really dont have to many choises there alredy some weaknesses and Strong points wich must be used.. i wanna creat a game where you build them upp (like in civilization) but not taking 5 houres to play....

Its hard to make a nice battle system that is not too "lucky" or so obvios who is gonna win so no battles occure... Its great if there is some taktics is the battles where you couled try and make the most sittuations
but the problem is that the game will take "far to long to play" ( at least for the players watching..)

The Plan
Im thinking of making a map over a Japanese City
then with a litte focus on the underworld...
Im gona let the players play ALL the roles..players can play secrity gaurds
(mission cards) Kidnappin missions.. drug nad arms deals.. even leting players play the cops..casion hosts (buying residents) hosting partys forcing the "high profile celebrities to move around" of course its gonna be possible to rob the stores gangfights withmore.....insurens compony?

I know this is a lot of things but i think it couled be tremends fun..
the question is how to make the fights kidnapings murders good and still fast

And how the cops will work out ,,...

any ides plz post


Battles but Still Not THE typical wargame

Are you envisioning this as a board gamer version of Grand Theft Auto. It could work, but would most likely be a HUGE and potentially very complex game. Have you given thought to the mechanics yet?

Good luck with it.


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Battles but Still Not THE typical wargame

What about some kind of action point and maneuver system for combat? Each piece could have a number of action points to use per turn or battle and a list of actions or maneuvers that they could perform, each action with a set result. Each unit could also have some kind of toughness or health rating. For gang warfare it could be one on one fights or group "rumbles".

A sample piece or unit could be something like this: Gang Enforcer - Actions 5, Health 3, may perform jabs, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, and dodges. Jabs, uppercuts, etc. would each have a set result like: Jab - cause 1 hit and block 1 hit, uppercut - cause 2 hits, etc. More powerful actions could cost more points to perform. Each player would choose an action secretly and then reveal them at the same time to compare results. This allows for elements of tactical planning, luck, and a real-time feel to combat. Something sort of similar is White Wolfs "Rage" card game.

Weapons could be handled in a similar way they would just require actions for weapons instead of hand to hand.

If you limit combat to 1 round, it will keep battles shorter and allow for the loser to get out of the fight with some pieces remaining.

I would like to hear more. It sounds a little like Eagle Games "Bootlegger" in the basic setting.


Battles but Still Not THE typical wargame

Thx a lot for the post i really like your idea, it wouled even limit the fighting time. Im thinking it throu and trying to figure out if its possible to pull the game off or is it gonna be to hard..or more li┬┤kely TOo COMPLEX ..

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