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Brainstorming Session

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Lets brainstorm concepts for interesting game themes. I'll start with a short list:

Scoop - reporters try to outwit each other to move up in the ranks
Tip - wait staff try to keep their patrons fed and satisfied
Evolve - creatures compete with another and evolve to a higher life form
Magnate - outwit others to gain control of key shipping lines
Mogul - outmanuever the competition and become a real estate tycoon
Express - carry packages and mail through the Old West
Outlast - survive longest during an invasion of massive proportions

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Brainstorming Session

Here are a few....

For Sale - Play a retailer attempting to gain ranks in the sales force so you can gain more commisions and be the best! (maybe the consumer chits are moved around the board by all players in attempt to keep shoppers in their area)

Flip it - investors flip broken down houses.

Fix it - A battle of repair technicians fixing all that it faulty in the world! Fix it and gain reputation, but if it breaks to soon customers will be unhappy and finding more work will get difficult.

Rotting Orchard - Think quick, move quicker and save those apples before you lose it all!

10 CONs in 10 Weeks - Be part of 10 game cons over 10 weeks and see which player is left standing!

Be the First - Build your ships and blast off! A battle for space exploration, be the first to visit a planet and gain glory! Attempt to be the first player to travel to all 9 planets (and beyond?)! The player to visit the most planets first goes down in the history books!

Serving Time - Something about jail time, thinking the early 1900s (maybe 1920s or 1930s).

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more themes

Dive - dive for hidden treasure while avoiding pirates and dangerous creatures

Triple Crown - bet on your favorite horses and build your fortune

Hive - build the biggest, most prolific bee hive. compete for access to the best blossoms and produce the best honey

Flow - connect a series of pipes to ship resources from A to B

Race - compete with others in a race for mayor. cut deals, campaign, and kiss babies to win.

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Brainstorming Session

Open Range- Ranchers fight for the best ranges for their cattle, and hire gunslingers to protect their herds.

Two Nations - Spies and cold war intrigue in the 50's in an alternate United States where the South was successful is seceding from the Union during the Civil War, creating two distinct, bitter rival countries.

The Lights Are Bright - Players are 1920's talent agents, trying to fill open spots for acts at various theaters and clubs on Broadway.

Fight Night - Player train and put up fighters in the ring for profit, and for sidebets. Of course, getting fighters to "take a fall" to your benefit is part of the equation.

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Brainstorming Session

Landlords - Card Game. Players manage and maintain an apartment building filled with tenants (that range from sweet old ladies who complain about everything to a young, punk kid who puts holes in the wall). Players have to maintain their building and keep as many apartments rented as possible while trying to not go broke.

Vegas- Players build casinos to attract the wealthiest tourists. By filling their casinos with crooked games, players try to grift as much money out of their 'customers' as they can.

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