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So not to cause any legal conflict with similar games what is the best way to set rules without sounding exactly like other games.

I have created a trading card battling game and the game objective is different than other games that are out as far as i know. but there are some areas where it seems there is only one way to say something but another game may have it worded that way.

what is the boundary for copyright infraction

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Keep it straightforward

Tough question. I only know of two ways to avoid conflicting with someone:
1) Only use commonplace phrasing that has either been around forever, or is used in multiple other games (produced by other publishers).
2) Create your own language.

For example, I was told that WOTC is trying to protect the phrase "tapping a card".

Going the commonplace route, you could say "turn your card sideways after using it". Going the "create your own language" route, you could say "exhaust your card after using it", and then instruct that "exhausted" cards should be turned sideways.

As you can see the "Create your own language" option is still risky. Who knows if someone else has taken that route with the same word you're using? Still, it's a lot more fun for the player to have terminology to go along with the game.

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