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Tile laying game help

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I have just started my second game and i need some help because I have run short of ideas. The game is about some ski'ers who get stuck on mountian because of a horrible blizard, during the blizard one of the fellow cabinmates get attacked by a abomitable snowman, they all hide in the cabin until they look outside and see another abomitable snowman trying to break down the door, so they make a run for it.
The goal of the game is to get to the bottom of the mountian before the rest of cabinmates, but i just dont want to make it a race to the end game. And thats were my thoughts have run dry. Please someone HELP ME!

P.S Its a tile fliping game, and its kind of like Camp Wanagi by immersion games. Any suggestions will work.

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Tile laying game help

How about the fellow cabinmate who was attacked is still out there, and you're trying to find him and rescue him, but maybe the longer you're on the mountain, the more likely a Snowman attack becomes, whereas if you successfully bring him to the bottom you get big points. Or conversely, he's already in the cabin and you need to get him down to the bottom, which slows down whichever player is carrying him but again, earns mucho VPs to the player who's carrying him at the end game? Kind of a "hot potato" effect, where carrying your friend puts you at high risk if a yeti appears, but is potentially valuable if the bottom (or a "lodge" or something) appears.

Just a few top-of-the-head thoughts. Good luck!


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