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A4 A3 printer question

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I'm looking to hand make some games by sticking some artwork on a pre made 20x20 board, however i've only just realised A4 paper is not going to be wide enough to fit half the width of the game, therefor i presume i'll have to print on A3 paper.
I'm currently looking for a new inkjet printer, should i get one that can print A3? I only want to spend $150 or so, does this rule me out at this price range?
Any other options you can think of? (apart from getting a printing company to print them)

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A4 A3 printer question


I have not look into cheaper printers recently, but a great printer for you to consider would be the one I posted about in this thread : thread link

It is way more expensive they you are looking at, but it might be something to add to a wish list!!

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