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Anyone have a source for colored dice?

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Greetings from newbies to this forum. Pardon us if this question has already been asked and answered but we couldn't find anything relevant elsewhere in the forum.

Wonder if you good folks here might be able to direct us to a source for odd-colored *standard* dice. There are a million places to buy giant dice, round dice, brass dice, glass dice, 37-sided dice, you name it, and dice of any size, shape, or material in white, black, red, and green, but try to find odd colors (orange, purple, brown, grey) in standard, 16mm (5/8"), six-sided plastic/resin dice (beveled corners, like regular Monopoly dice, *not* those awful rounded things), and it's like looking for unfiltered Marlboros in a hard-pack. New or used, doesn't matter, as long as they're plastic/resin 5/8" d6 in the colors we want. A pair or two in each color would suffice. Thanks very much for any good leads you might provide.

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Anyone have a source for colored dice?

Koplow -- -- sells purple ones (see pages 11 and 24 of their catalog), and another odd color, pink, though you'll probably need to ask your local game store to order them for you.

As you probably already know, Chessex -- -- has orange, gray, and purple, but they have the dreaded rounded corners.

So, in summary... I've basically got nuthin'.

-- Matthew

finding dice

Hey, if you're looking for good old six-sided dice, you need go where lots are used - Vegas. I found green, orange, purple and black cheaply at the Bonaza gift store at the north end of the Strip. There's probably a way to get 'em mail order.


coloured dice

Here are some sites I found on the net. Hope they may be of some help.

Colored dice -- the search goes on

Sincere thanks to FastLearner, jps_, and smh for your efforts to help.
No home runs, however, although the Vegas site does have the bevel-edge d6purples we're after and it actually did lead us to another outfit --
-- which also has those. We also found UnclesGames at
which has a nice variety, but again not all of what we're looking for.
The search continues for bevel-edge (what *is* it with those dratted
round-corner things?!) d6 orange, brown, and grey.

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Anyone have a source for colored dice?

How about something like

White, Black, Blue, Red, Green or Orange at (item 1601)

White, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow at

Black, purple, blue, red at

or a little strech

And finally, there could also be a possibility to custom order at a place like
though you have to get 10k of each color.....

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