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Blank Dice with Raised Edges

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I've tried using normal blank dice with adhesive labels with less than stellar results. So now I'm looking for a company that produces blank dice with raised edges.

I know they're out there. :)

I found a perfect example in my son's copy of Clue Jr. However replacements for that one are $2.50ea + S/H. :(

Here's a link to a picture.

The type I'm looking for is the third from the left - the baby blue one.

I don't really care about color, I'm just looking for the raised edges.

After searching the web for a while, I figured I'd try here and see if anyone had a idea who might make these.

Thanks a bunch.

Dan Evans

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Blank Dice with Raised Edges


I believe I found what you are looking for.

They are called indented dice
check this site out - go about 1/3 down the page


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