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China Manufacturer

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China Manufacturer

Humm i'm not sure...They will probably send you back to their us office to simplify the communications, but thats only my opinion, you can still try and let us know!

After examining the quotations we got from insight, i think we had made some mistakes as to what was interesting. Insight was professional but not cheap!

We got a price for 5000 units. There was 2 quotes: one for a game with a custom pawn and one for a game with a regular pawn. the quotations did not differ enormously. The tooling, around 3000$, made not so much of a difference, but it's still 3K$. The average was 15.50$ per game, without shipping costs...We found that too much for us, we will ask for more quotations once the game is closer to being finished, which should be soon:)

There was a linen textured board, card stands, cards, tokens, packaging and components holder. I think they forgot our special dice we wanted too...

Try, and let us know.


Joined: 12/31/1969
China Manufacturer

Why is it so expensive to start with for tooling?
ITs not that hard to form a tool.
I need custom plastic parts for a game and Insight do exactly that

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