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Ellison Paper Cutters

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Has anyone had any experience w/ using one of these to cut out thick stock cardboard tiles (ie, Carcassone)? They're often found in schools and craft stores, and have a huge die selection. I asked a company rep if they would cut thick stock, and he said they would cut anything that you can cut w/ scissors. I'm really not sure if I want to risk breaking the one at my kid's school or investing the $$$ in buying my own.

Here's an example of one if you're curious.

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Ellison Paper Cutters

I haven't used this one, but I'm considering buying this one: which I saw at a teacher convention last week. They say they can make custom dies. I, too, am interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with these or other die cutters. The machines seem reasonably priced, but the dies are quite an investment if you need an assortment. Also, are they all machine-specific, or can you use dies on different machines?

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