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Game Board and box printing

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Ok all,
Another question. What thickness paper / type do most game boards use? I am planning on buying the 20x20 from the store here and having my printer print a 19.5x19.5 and stick them on myself. I will probably do the same with a box label. But, what type of paper is durable and will fold?

I need help with this :)

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Game Board and box printing

interesting question, afraid i don't know but i'm suprised you haven't received any response.

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Game Board and box printing

Sounds like a good question to ask the printer.

If you explain what you're planning on doing with the thing they are going to be printing, I would guess they'd be able to guide you to the best type of paper to do the job.


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Game Board and box printing

If you're working with a commercial (offset) printer, your best call is to explain to him and ask for his advice.

I guess any coted, 70-120 gr. paper will work fine. You don't need a thick paper if you're going to mount it on a board. Coated paper gives you a better printing quality, thus better colors and detail. there are matte and bright coatied papers, you'll have to decide based on the look you want (a sci-fiction board would probably benefit from a bright coating, while an ancient ruins board will probably look better on matte coated paper). But then you can always add a coating OVER the printing, in which case matte coated paper usually works best.

But as Bryk suggested, it's always best to ask the printer.


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