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OK I would like to now what is the program that lets you make programs such as ccg maker and games and stuff and is there a free version
I would also like to know what is the program that lets you make your own tcg's or ccg's???????

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Game Programmer

The "programs" most commonly used to write programs like CCGMaker are Visual Basic or Visual C++ (now in .Net versions). Neither is free.

The only program I'm aware of for creating your own CCGs is the program you already mentioned, CCGMaker, from .

-- Matthew


Thank you for replying I have the starter kit for visual basic but the cds are scratched and 2 of the 3 of them don't work!!!

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Don't forget Delphi...

If you're going to sell your software, I'd recommend steering clear of VB. Supporting the runtimes on customers' machines can be a major headache. The various incarnations of C produce runtimes that are solid, and there's a product out there by Borland called Delphi that is great for new programmers. I haven't used their latest (Delphi v8 for .NET), but their earlier versions have all been great.

You might also want to look at Java, or even Flash. Both are maturing into powerful languages that can do a lot.

Okay, I probably just confused the whole thing. This would be my run-down of what I just listed:

1) VB: Great for new programmer writing non-commercial applications
2) Delphi: First choice for new or experienced programmer writing commercial apps
3) C, C++, C#, etc.: Experience required. Good for commercial apps.
4) Java & Flash: Great for web, increasingly being used for stand-alone applications. Environments not as friendly as VB or Delphi.

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