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Mapping software?

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I want to make maps with a hexgrid on top for board wargaming, and I was wondering what other people use for this.

There is a producted call Campaign Cartographer which has all the features, but I downloaded the demo, and the interface is not anything near what could be called standard. And which it does have features I need, most of the features are really designed for people who play D&D.

Campaign Cartographer

Another option is Microsoft MapPoint. I don't know if it has all the features I need (like making a hexgrid), but it certainly will have standard functionality.


The next level up is probably ridiculous for a hobby, but ESRI makes professional mapping software. It certainly has every possible feature you could need and more, and it has a standard user interface, but it costs a lot.


Does anyone use any of these (or other) programs for making board wargame maps?


Skip all of those. I love this program:

You can add your own graphics into the mix and their are tons of stuff that users have created for it.

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Re: Mapping software?

Topos wrote:
I want to make maps with a hexgrid on top for board wargaming[....] Does anyone use any of these (or other) programs for making board wargame maps?
Try AutoREALM. It's free, open source, and can easily overlay a hex grid on top of other board graphics. If you're also looking for a good way to make terrain graphics, especially from real data, such as digital elevation models from the U.S. Geological Survey, then I would highly recommend Estierra as the program of choice for pre-processing maps. It's shareware.

Re: Mapping software?

Wow, these look awesome! I am going to download them all and try them.

Thanks for the info!

By the way, if you need background maps, here is a great website:

Fractal Mapper

You can also try Fractal Mapper

It's very intuitive, yet powerful, and very inexpensive (US$39.95 + S&H or US$34.95 Download) and lets you put an customizable overlay square or hex grid, what else can you ask for ;-)

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Mapping software?

Campaign Cartographer I've used quite a lot. Not for making board wargame maps, but for other RPG uses. Realize that CC is actually part of a suite of software. Each one does something different. Some design modern settings, others design dungeons, some design city maps, one is a fractal mapper. I could certainly see using fractal mapper and then moving it into Campaign Cartographer to make a Risk-like board.

Alternately, if you are handy with Photoshop, you can look up some software called "Wilbur" on the net. It's free.

Re: CC's interface. It does look pretty standard to me -- for old-fashioned CAD software, which the code was based on.

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