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Printer's response - Does anyone understand this?

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A printer sent me the following and I don't quite understand some of the terms.

Box Lid (1 pc): 128gsm C2S art paper +1/s gloss lamination over 1mm board with 100gsm woodfree paper backing
1. What is gsm?
2. What is C2S art paper?
3. Does this look like a standard thickness?

Game board: 2 mm board
4. Is this standard size?

1 set Playing card (27 sheets): 260gsm C2S art card with b/s gloss lamination
5. Is 260 gsm a standard thickness for cards?

Thanks for your advice

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Printer's response - Does anyone understand this?

gsm sounds to me as grams per square meter. That, in final analisys, results in a thikness mesure for paper or cardboard.

Standard cards vary from 250 to 300 gsm.


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Printer's response - Does anyone understand this?

1. gsm is indeed the weight of the paper.

2. C2S means "coated 2 sides". Not sure what he means by "art paper," though -- it's not a printing industry standard term here in the US that I've ever heard of.

3. I'm sorry, I don't know how that box lid compares to others in weight, I'm ony accustomed to paper weight in pounds (here in the US).

4. Again, not sure on standard size, but that does seem reasonably thick. Still, can't say.

5. Glad Sergiones could answer that! :)

Printer's response - Does anyone understand this?

It's interesting that your printer is laminating the images (layering on a sheet of plastic with an adhesive backing) and not varnishing (applying a liquid protective coating). Varnish is pretty standard in this kind of work, not sure what the difference would be in the final product (as far as durability, warping, etc).

For the thicknesses, a simple conversion of metric to english yields the following:

1mm = =.039" or 39pt board

2mm = .079" or 79pt board

1mm roughly equals one ply of chipboard, so 1mm is single ply chipboard (standard for a box) and 2mm is 2-ply chipboard (standard for a board).

I don't know what art card, but double check with them to be sure it's playing card stock (opaque center) if that's what you want.

260gsm seems OK (a little thin, but still a standard).

Best of luck!

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