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Protoyping article

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Tyler Sigman wrote an article on Gamasutra about "paper prototyping" and playtesting for digital games, but some of his tips are useful for board games too. He even cites as a resource!

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Protoyping article

Wow, here is his write up about


Super-Secret Clandestine Game Construction Resource: The Board Game Designer's Forum

Although I've shared some of my own tips on paper game construction, a great resource for other tips and opinions is the Board Game Designer's Forum: Truth be told, I avoid the site for the most part - not because it's not useful (it is!). It's just that there are so many good tips to be found, it can be a bit... distracting. Plus, I don't like to expose myself to a million other design ideas while I'm in the midst of gelling a design. It really is a good site, though.

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Protoyping article

Here's a design challenge...

Create a game where this is a legal game state.


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