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GPA Members? Success stories? Support?

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I'd like to learn more about the GPA (Game Publishers Association) before joining. The concept is intriguing and it sounds like it could really be a boon to small publishers or folks considering self-publication (like I am).

Unfortunately, the web site is not as up to date or easy to explore as it could be, and I am having difficulty finding useful information about the organization or the benefits of membership. Further, not being as savvy in the boardgame industry as I am in the RPG side of things, it's hard to qualify the benefits offered by the GPA.

So how many folks on the BGDF are members of the GPA? Care to share some of your personal anecdotes on the successes and strengths of the GPA? Things the GPA could do better for a certain niche of the industry?

I'm most interested on the impact in marketing and distribution, but also on the ability to develop a network of contacts, convention cooping, and all that good stuff.

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GPA Members? Success stories? Support?

I am a member of the GPA and I think it's worth the money to join as the fees aren't that high. The main benefits for me are:

(1) Convention co-op showcases- this is especially useful if you can't visit all the cons yourself. While it is less effective than being at the con personally pushing the games- at least your games get some exposure at that con.

(2) Convention co-op booths- the rates are vey good. 'nuff said :)

(3) Information- The GPA has a forum where you can discuss industry related topics with other publishers. Despite being competitors, the publishers who frequent this forum are very helpful and there's a cooperative spirit, which I think is great.

Also, the info I gleaned from the archives of the forum threads have more than made my annual dues worthwhile.

On a side note (and hopefully not hijacking ynnen's original thread), is anyone here a member of GAMA? Is it a useful org. to join?

GPA Members? Success stories? Support?

I'm also curious about GAMA, but get the feeling that may offer more benefits long term, whereas (in my situation, anyway) the GPA may be more practical/useful short term.

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