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Occupational Hazards

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As you can see, I am very new to the world of self-publishing. I have had some experience in the business of gaming: a have a module being published currently with Kenzer and Company, however I have come up with a great concept for a minatures game and am now currently in a playtest phase.

Here is my question: Is it really possible to self-publish while holding down a full-time job in a completely different field?

Occupational Hazards

Yes it is, I might be considered living proof of that. Mine's even better - I hold down a real job and run 3 other businesses on the side! (No - I don't have any free time).

The key is dedication. Decide you want to do this (self-publish) and make it a second job. You might only work part time to start but eventually it might become full time. I try to treat my non-real work (aka the FUN Jobs!) as real jobs. I don't clock in per say, but I try to stick to a schedule each week and make a list of things that need to be done on my Fun Jobs.

The great thing about becoming self published these days is the internet. It allows you to get a lot of business-related stuff done after normal business hours. You can reasearch business types, fill out tax forms and other legal stuff to start a business, you can search for printers, publishers, etc, and even purchase office supplies. There are some things that have to be done in person (opening a bank acount, visit the post office, etc) but usually time can be found in the week to get these things done.

I guess that's a long answer to your question, but yes, it can be done. Keep everything in perspective and eventually you can turn your self-publishing (Fun) job into your real job. (Or at least I hope that will happen. We'll see! :D )

Just my two pence.
- Geoff

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