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Price structure question

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I am working on a series of historical war games for beginners. The series will have Booklets with lots of history and a single battle. They will cost $4-$5 for PDF and $8-$10 for print. Expansion Scenarios will have only history associated with the particular battle and a single battle. Scenarios will cost $1 for PDF and $5-$6 for print.

My question is, where to include the rules. The mechanics are the same for the entire series, except for scenario specific rules.

I am considering three options.

1) Rules only in the Booklets. The Scenarios are suppliments and you need at least one main book to play.

2) Rules in the Booklets and Scenarios. They all stand alone.

3) Rules are provided on the web site for free, and on a separate sheet in the Booklets and Scenarios.

I see plusses and minuses to all three.

1) I get at least one Booklet sale from everyone who buys scenarios. This seems kind of standard. Main Game + Suppliments. If I release a demo, the rules are available anyway.

2) I don't have to worry about someone buying a Scenario and being angry that they can not play the game. Booklet sales may suffer. (Why buy a bunch of history you don't want if you don't have to?)

3) Same as #2.

I am leaning toward #1 or #3. Any suggestions?

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Price structure question

I would go for #3. That would let people have a "feel" of the game before they buy anything. Just try to make the booklets necessary for playing. I'm thinking of something comparable to Rush Hour, where you have the playing rules and several possible setups. Without a setup you can't play the game, so there's nothing wrong with giving up the rules for free.

Obviously, this only applies to games where initial setup is crucial. Given that you talk about several booklets for several battles, I guess your game might fit my idea.

Actually, if I'm right in my assumption, and your booklets and scenarios are good, publishing the rules on your website might actually help increasing sales, even if people can create their own battles and scenarios.


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