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Publishing Opportunity

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As a game designer, you would acknowledge that games are not always played by people in the same space at the same time. These are the three basic ways that games are played today:

• FTF stands for "face to face." It refers to games played the traditional way, by a group of people sitting around a table.
• PBM stands for "play by mail." It refers to games that are played by sending letters back and forth between players or calling each other on the phone.
• PBEM stands for "play by electronic mail." It refers to games that are played via the worldwide web using email.

We have decided to start a venture to capitalize on this phenomenon using some groundbreaking technology. The idea for this company has been forming for the past 3 years, but with the inclusion of this technology the idea can be made an actuality. Without being able to go into too much detail, the technology allows us to provide a service where player communication is more efficient than with the current PBM & PBEM solutions. This will open up functionality that is not available with the current solutions, including multiple device types, real-time processing, and even audio and video.

F2FGames will provide the following services:
• Assisted Game Play [AGP] – The players will need to own a copy of the game, but the service allows them to play against remote opponents.
• Full Game Play [FGP] – The players do not need to own a copy of the game to play. This service would be more in line for games that are no longer in print.
• Exclusive Game Play [EGP] – The game only exists on our service, there is no copy to purchase. These titles would be specifically designed and developed for our service from a number of independent designers/publishers.

A large number of games are being played remotely by conventional means: PBM & PBEM. We feel that this new technology will revolutionize the way games are being played remotely. This service should attract players who are not satisfied with the current solutions and add to the experience of all current players.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of adding your titles to our service, we would like to hear from you.

Thomas Pasko
Generation Web, LLC

Joined: 04/23/2013
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There are several packages/services that already exist that allow you to do what you propose.

Check out these links:

Game table online:



Zillions of Games:

I am not knocking your project, but you may want to truely consider how unique it really is.


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Publishing Opportunity

It will be some time before online play even with nice features like thomas mentioned will emulate the experience of table top play.
This being said it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to this burgeoning industry. A licensing deal for an existing table game to be played online not only could supplement your businesses income but also increase your products sales. For games that might be to expensive to manufacture for a small audience they target the exclusive game play might be a way for a good game that would otherwise go un-played to see the light of day.

Keep the info coming

Thnx for the info guys.

The main difference of what we can offer is based on the ground-breaking messaging technology that we will be employing. It makes board game playing on the interent, versatile and easy to create. Everyone has beaten the text messaging via desktops to death, as well as email passing. We are aiming to change that.

We are currently setting up a meeting with Hasbro, to discuss their current catalog of games. So, we are trying to bring in established game players into our audience.

This will in turn, bring a targeted audience to look at other games that are designed &/or submitted by independent publishers/designers. [Just like what Dralius, is saying]

Anyone who feels that they have some good inside knowledge, let me know. We would not have a problem in either setting up some kind of consultant deal. The three of us are pretty knowledgeable about the gaming industry from the playing side - none of us really have any knowledge from the designer/publisher side.

thnx again,
Thomas Pasko

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