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Card game Idea... Need feed back.

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I just had a flash of inspiration for a card game.

Now I must tell you that I have little experience with card games. To be honest I have only played two of them "Magic The Gathering" and "Yugioh". So I am not sure if there is already a game like this out there.

The idea is this:

There are four types of card in this game.


In this game their are no monster cards, your are the hero or villain depending on how you look at it.

Each player has their own deck built from cards selected by the player with a deck minimum of 48 cards. Each played starts by drawing 5 cards from their decks and draw 1 at the beginning of each hand. A player can not have more than 5 cards in their hand by the end of their turn. If a player has more than 5 cards at the end of their turn they must discard until their hand has been reduced to 5.

Each of these cards have a point cost to play. Each player starts with 10 points these points are required to use any card. Unused points are saved til the end of the players next turn at which time the point are lost allowing the player to have anywhere between 11 and 20 points starting on their second turn.

Players can play as many cards per turn as their point afford them. They must keep in mind that if they spend all of their point on their turn that, that leaves them with no point to use on defense or ability cards on their opponents turn.

Each player start with 20 hit points and the first player to reach 0 looses.

Attack cards are used to do what else, Attack and can only be played on the card holders turn.

Defense cards are used to do what else, Defend and can only be played on the opponents turn.

Equipment card are a permanent card adding effects to the player such as attack and defense bonuses or other continuous special effects, these cards can only be played on the card holders turn.

Equipment card are separated in for categories:


A player may only have one of each type equipped at a time.

Ability cards can be played on either players turn, and can be played at anytime during a turn like an instant card for those familiar with Magic the gathering. These cards have effect and abilities that can help or hinder either player.

I have also considered having something along the lines of card types like light, dark, fire, water, etc. which will allow synergy and allow for type strengths and weaknesses. These groupings will also help with themes.

This is just the starting idea. I will be very thankful for any input you provide.

Thank you

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sounds like munchkin with

sounds like munchkin with attack cards replacing monster cards, and since you mentioned several trading card games, I'm guessing each player has their own deck.

Word Nerd
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I'll admit my bias regarding language up front, but I'll also guess that other players might object to effects being called "continuous" that were not in fact continuous.

Why not have effects which persist between player turn phases or even from turn to turn?

Perhaps you could express it in terms of "duration" of the effect instead, if it is not permanent.

There is also potential in the term "continual" as an alternative. This would suggest that a player using the card could invoke its effects at any time (instead of having the card effect in play for some duration).

The card might be played into a tableau and "tapped" to indicate its game status.

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Sounds interesting. I think

Sounds interesting. I think your next step should be to mock up a few decks and try playtesting. It might also be helpful to play lots of other cards games besides MTG or Yugioh so you can get an idea of rich variety that's out there.

let-off studios
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Yup. I'd say that putting together a pair or more of basic decks as soon as possible and starting a playtest would be the next thing to do. Don't focus on artwork and polish and making it pretty. Just make sure that the cards are legible and information is clear, so you can use them in a simple playtest to figure out mechanics, play order, and how things go.

Best of success to you!

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My thoughts have changed

I have been thinking about this idea and I have decided to change a few things. There will no longer be attack and defense card separately they have been fused into one. To help with the flow of the game these cards can be use for either taking the form of a weapon for attack or disbursed into a protective shield of energy.

As well as I am typing this I have had yet another idea, why have ability cards at all when I can just apply those abilities to the same cards thus having the abilities trigger with the activation of the card. Now this still allows for the ability to have abilities that are turn specific such as the ability my only be activated during the players turn of during the opponents turn. The card itself can still be played regularly the ability being the only thing restricted.

Another thought is attacking, instead of the whole point system for attack, the player will get one attack per turn. Now when attacking the player will place the attack card into play, this will act as the base for the attack phase. If the player so chooses they my boost this attack by playing more card on this attack card. The ability on the card being used to boost will not be activated but the attack power of said card will be added to the attack power of the initial card. This process will also apply to defense as well.

I have also changed the damage system. When a played receives damage, by their opponent over whelming their defense no matter the amount that player receives 1 point of damage and will be required to take the top card of their deck and place it to the side face up to represent the damage taken. The first player to receive 10 points of damage loses. This makes taking a point of damage even more precarious because you never know what card you will lose to the damage pile. To me this represents the weakening that occurs from being injured.

Now I have been a fan of the final fantasy games for years and I have decided to take an element from that, "LIMIT BREAK". Remember how the player discards a card from the top of their deck to a damage pile. The limit break system makes use of these cards. There will be certain card abilities that will require the activation of the cards of the damage stack. These requirements will require the player to activate a number of cards in this pile to activate the Limit break ability this can range from 1-9. The player activates these cards by flipping them over to symbolize their use, making taking damage intentionally a tactical choice. The player must have the required number of cards in their damage stack, and of those cards they may only use the cards not already activated.


If the player has 4 cards face up in their damage stack and the limit break requires 3 the player must flip 3 of the 4 face down to activate the it.

Now say the player has already activated 2 of the 4 cards in the damage stack, then there are no enough face up cards to activate the limit break.

Thank you

Word Nerd
let-off studios

for your thoughts and advice, I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

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