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PnP games?

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So... I was wondering, what are your guy's interest in Pnp games? Specifically, NOT rpg's like Dnd, but like... board games with paper?

If interest is relatively high, I'd like some feedback on a game of mine that I have two other people playing with me (:D)....


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A board game is a board game

A board game is a board game regardless of the quality of the components. Components can help deliver the theme but, just like graphics in a video game, it isn't necessary for them to be top notch. Look at the company Victory Point Games, they put out a lot of good games, the components aren't necessarily the best but the games are fun as hell and the theme usually drips through anyway!

Joined: 02/16/2014

Well, it's not so much a board game as more of a pnp game, if you get my drift.

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PnP is a lot of fun. I mostly

PnP is a lot of fun. I mostly print solitaire games (eg but a few other as well (not counting game prototypes).

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The Quiet Year, etc.

I've had a lot of fun with storytelling games, sketch games, and the like. One I remember clearly is called "The Quiet Year." In it, each player is a "current of thought" in a post-apocalyptic community, and each turn they're forced to draw from a deck and make an agonizing choice, revelation, or serious challenge that faces the community. The game's drama comes about with the players interacting with not just one another, but also with the map they collectively draw as the game progresses.

There was another game I played earlier this year, featuring an erasable markerboard for each player, where the players would sketch in the features they built in their town based on the result of dice rolls. I can't remember the name of that game - and honestly it didn't sit so well with me at the time - but I know its a relatively recent, European-designed, dice-driven sketching game.

Any further details you can share about your game?

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