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Area control - How to implement?

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I am working on a *board* game (normally I like to design card games).

As I was designing the game, I thought that it might be possible for multiple paths to victory.

One such path would be "Area control". Basically my understanding of the topic is limited but I would characterize it as one player controlling certain areas on the board in order to win the game...

Could anyone explain further the concept of "Area control" and tell me if I am on the right track or completely off in my own world?!


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From what I understand, most

From what I understand, most games like that involve players pouring resources into different areas of the board, and whomever put the most (or the right kind) of resources into that area is said to "control it," with some reward being paid out appropriately.

BGG actually has a pretty good list of games like this:

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Thanks for the link

I think in my game, only one meeple would be enough to control an area. My idea was something like:

"If there are three (3) victory spots on the board, each spot must be controlled by a player's piece. A player must be able to secure all three (3) victory spots for a duration of three (3) turns."

If a player manages to do that, he wins the game. This of course could be an *optional* path to victory. Some players may choose to not include this aspect in their game play... It's just an idea at the moment. I'm not sure if the idea will hold up to the combat mechanics (it may be impossible to hold the 3 victory spots).

I just wanted to *explore* the idea further... That link is a good reference.

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