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Card game idea with using ability cards in a deck instead of characters

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So i was thinking of a card game that uses 1 character on the field then your deck is just ability cards to power up your character card

So my theme is super heroes so at the start of the game both players place down a hero card they want to use to represent their deck. Each hero has a hp of 50 (i might adjust with some testing) havnt decided if each hero will have different hp or they all have the same hp. for balance reasons

Anyway, the hero card might have a special effect, not sure if ill add one for each hero or not, and they have 2 attack types called close combat and range (names pending) depending on the hero, he can have 2 dmg for cc and 1 dmg for range, or even 0 dmg for range. These are their basic attack and can use it whenever it is their turn. There is 2 zones on the field, a range zone and a melee zone, if you want to attack with a range attack you must have your hero on the range zone, Range zones cannot target heroes in the melee zone and vice verses

Ability cards will form the deck, there are 4 inactive ability zones and 4 active ability zones, during your turn you can play 1 ability card in the inactive zone, you may then choose to switch which zone you want your hero in, the default hero placement when starting the game will always be melee. zone The abilty could be called laser beam, which when activated will deal +3 range dmg to the hero or something like that. Most ability cards will just have the range or melee damage number but some will have special abilities, such as flight, when activated, your opponent cant attack your hero with melee even if your hero is in the melee zone. To activate an ability, place 1 ability card from your inactive zone to your active zone, some abilities is a one turn card, so after you resolve the ability, you discard it. Some abilities are continuous and will remain in the active zone until removed such as flight. There will be some abilities that will let your opponent destroy you active abilities.

Some of the ability cards will have a counter ability on it, so lets say it reads block or defend, when you opponent attacks you may play the card straight in your active zones, however only the counter effect will activate. Some cards will only have counter abilities so will only be used if you play from hand. Your opponent may use another counter card to defeat your counter card such as brick break or something like that. when your opponent plays a defending counter ability, if you are in melee you can play this card and it deals double damage of your heroes melee damage power

That is all i have for now, it is a working progress and not ready for a play test yet as i want to get the mechanics down first

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Joined: 02/18/2017
This is roughly what the

This is roughly what the cards will be like

blitzfire - RC 3 CC 2
SPECIAL - Whenever this hero attacks using CC, this hero gains a token (maximum 5) During your opponent's combat phase You may remove 5 Tokens from this hero to activate this ability: During your opponent's turn, before your opponent attacks, deal damage to your opponent equal to the damage of this heros total cc power

Lazer beam RC - discard this card after use
Deal 4 damage to your opponent in the RC zone
Flight -- continuous
Your opponent cannot damage your hero in either combat zone

Hook chain CC - discard this card after use
Place your opponent's hero from RC zone to the CC zone
If your opponent has flight, discard it from the field

Block CC - (Counter) discard this card after use
counter effect - Play this card in your activate abilitiy zone during your opponent's combat phase, half the damage your hero takes from your opponent's damage

Brick Break CC (Counter) discard this card after use
counter effect - Play this card if your opponent activates a block counter card, disable the block counter effect and deal double damage to your opponent by the total power of your hero's current CC power

Power Conversion CC or RC discard this card after use
Activate 1 of the following effect until the end of your turn:
-If your hero is in RC add your hero's CC power to your hero's RC power
-If your hero is in CC add your hero's RC power to your hero's CC power

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