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Card games where opponent on, say, your left side plays enemy attacks on you?

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I have an idea for a Wargame card game for 3-6 people. All of the players are on the same side. Play will go around clockwise. The player to your left will play the enemy during your turn, playing one or more cards (representing enemy troops) against you.

In a turn you play persistent friendly unit card(s) in front of yourself to build up a defense. Somehow your forces and the enemy do battle. My thoughts are vague on this.

The twist is that you win the game with politics. You can play cards to blame disasters on other players, belittle their achievements, and big up your minor victories. I might have cards deploying desks, paper work, and clerks writing "N/A" on forms.

It would be cool to include some ideas from the novel catch 22, such as where the WW2 Germans contracted the US airforce to bomb their own airfield.

Question: in which card games does one of your opponents, say, on your left take the role of your enemy? I think I've come across this mechanism before. But I can't remember where. I am seeking inspiration.

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Shadows of camelot

Maybe shadows of camelot? Shadows of camelot is a co-op game that you take a turn as a knight of the round table and then take a turn to advance evil. It has lots of cards but I would not call it a card game.

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Thanks for your post. I am

Thanks for your post. I am looking for something else. I guess there is a zombie, fantasy or etc, or military card game like I am describing.

My game wears the sheepish clothes of a co-operative game while player wolves will stab each other in the back for medals, drinks cabinets, and a leg up the military hierarchy.

I had better think about the two aspects of the game separately. The combat / defence has to work as a sub game. The self promotion and back stabbing has to work as a sub game.

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Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game is not a card game, but its battle mechanism is a sub-game that is a card game. Sometimes you battle an opponent, but sometimes you are conquering native populations. In the latter case, your opponent to your left draws battle cards and plays against you as the natives. The sub-game is an elaborated rock-paper-scissors system, where you can have four types of units (infantry, mounted, ranged, and air) and each card-unit can have four different levels of effectiveness. It's a pretty good system: not enough to be a stand-alone game, but effective as the battle sub-system of a much larger boardgame.

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Positive and Negative

Is there a way to include playing positive cards to the person on one's right, and negative/conflict cards to the player on one's left?

So on a given player's turn, they would need to:
- address the conflict card they were given on a previous turn,
- play a card for themselves, and
- play a conflict card to their neighbour.

If you playtest it, you may be able to ensure these turns could be played simultaneously so the game doesn't take forever to play.

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